The One Trump Era Policy Biden Can’t Erase

But as former United Nations Ambassador and Trump supporter Nikki Haley has recently pointed out, there’s at least one thing that Biden will not be able to undo.

In an interview with the “Glenn Beck Podcast” and its namesake this past week, she heavily criticized Joe Biden and the fact he has “just reversed everything.”

But she added, “the part that he can’t erase, and it’s really a point of pride, I think, is the Abraham Accords because this was an amazing thing.”

If you remember, the Abraham Accords were one of several peace agreements made during Trump’s time in the White House between Middle Eastern countries. This one was a historical agreement between Morocco, Sudan, Bahrain, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and, of course, the United States.

And Haley is most definitely right. It was an “amazing thing.”

For centuries, it seems there has been unrest and war in the Middle East, with most of the Arab world being rather hostile to Israel. And for just as long, world leaders have been trying to find a way to achieve peace there. After all, peace in the Middle East means fewer wars that America and its allies might be tempted to send our soldiers into.

As Haley remarked, most former presidents and national leaders have all said: “that the only way to get peace in the Middle East was through the Palestinians.”

But Trump found a way around that to some degree.

Instead, he went to “his first foreign policy speech, (it) was the Arab Summit, and he said, “I want to unite against terrorism,’ meaning, translation, I want us to unite against Iran. He got the attention of the Arab countries. Then he started to acknowledge truths: Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. We’re going to have Israel’s back. This is what Israel can do for you.”

From there, Trump was able to convince these once-at-war nations to come together for a common goal.

Haley explained that it took some time and some courage for the leaders of these nations. In one instance, Haley remembers meeting with “the Saudi and the Emirati ambassador. They were complaining, you know, ‘Why doesn’t anybody call out the Houthis for the terrorist organization that they are? Why are they always hitting us?’ And I stopped them and said, ‘You know, I could make the same case for Hamas and Israel.’”

She told Beck that the meeting went on, but afterward, they pulled her aside and admitted that she was right. They added that the reason they went along with hits on Israel was because of their constituents and the all-too-common feelings of dislike for the Jewish state.

As Haley told them, “At some point, you’re going to have to have the courage to tell your constituencies the truth.’ You fast-forward to the Abraham Accords – that was the Emirates having the courage to tell their constituencies the truth.”

Unfortunately, not all Middle Eastern nations have been able to drum up that same kind of courage. And so the continued bombardment from Hamas continues on Israel, with the latter government taking matters into their own hands and returning that fire.

Thankfully for Israel, the United States and Biden cannot get out of the Abraham Accords and our alliance with Israel. Our help, thanks to the Abraham Accords, has been promised.

What that help is or how far we go to give it is the question.

As of now, it seems our president is doing little to prevent the bombings or help Israel fight them off. Instead, he’s focused his attention on negotiating with Iran, which is where most of the artillery arming Hamas comes from.

But, clearly, that “appeasement strategy,” as Senator Bill Hagerty calls it, isn’t working.

Gee, I wonder why.

Just as with our own domestic crises, it seems Biden would rather sit and twiddle his thumb than get worked up about much of anything.

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