Stanford Researchers Say Hospitals May Be Overestimating COVID Cases In Children

The media has gotten extremely manipulative and tricky in how they calculate and report COVID-19 cases and deaths. In the United States, there have been hundreds of thousands of deaths attributed to COVID-19 but how many have been misclassified under a false pretense to fit a specific narrative? Medical officials continue to track coronavirus fatalities amid spotty testing, delayed lab results, and inconsistent reporting standards. It has ruptured the country’s accurate death toll and angered many family members.

Georgetown County resident Brenda Presley had been in limbo last year because her mother Marry Miller’s death certificate blames COVID-19 for her passing and they said that’s simply not the case. Lab results show her mother tested for the virus three times, each time coming back negative. But in the days leading up to her death, Miller started to fall more, and one morning, she did not wake up.

“We had heard of people falsifying death certificates and putting COVID on them, so that was a big concern of ours. I immediately wanted to start crying because I was so angry,” Presley said.

She missed a phone call from a doctor, who left a voicemail apologizing and said she thought she was filling out the death certificate for another patient. Presley said this “concerned her” that she could get another person confused when filling out a death certificate.

When pressed for more information, The Department of Health And Environmental Control told investigators that they can’t give a confirmed number of how many certificates changed in order to include or exclude COVID-19 from the original death certificate.

The most recent study came from researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine who analyzed COVID-19 data from the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital and found that they may be over-counting the number of kids hospitalized for COVID019. The research also states that they may be “overestimating” the small impact the disease has on children.

Stanford researchers gathered data from May 10, 2020, to Feb. 10 and found during the nine-month period that 117 patients under the age of 18 either tested positive for COVID-19 at the hospital or were hospitalized for multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children or MIS-C. Nearly 40% of the cases were asymptomatic and about 45% of the 117 admissions were determined to have been unlikely to be caused by the virus itself.

The study also found that about 28% had mild to moderate COVID-19, only 7.7% had a severe illness, 12.8% had a critical illness, and 12% of patients had MIS-C.

Pediatric infectious disease specialist Dr. Asim Ahmed said that this is keeping with what other studies have shown, which is that children are “mildly affected” by the infection. Dr. Alan Schroeder, the study’s co-author and clinical professor of pediatric critical care and pediatric hospital medicine at Stanford, said that the research is important to see how the disease affects the population of children nationwide.

“Our goal is to make sure we have accurate data on how sick children are getting. If we rely on hospitals’ positive SARS-CoV-2 test results, we are inflating by about twofold the actual risk of hospitalization from the disease in kids,” Schroeder said.

Dr. Rebecca Sunenshine, medical director of disease control for the Maricopa County Department of Public Health, Arizona, even offered the most vivid admission last year concerning the death toll. She proudly admitted that anyone who dies with any positive test for COVID-19 is counted as a COVID death regardless of the evidence of symptoms.

She makes two points to the public: 1) Anyone with a COVID-19 positive test who dies within a certain time frame from the test is counted as a COVID death; 2) Anyone with COVID “anywhere” on the death certificate is counted as a COVID death.

Even former President Donald Trump has claimed that the federal data on COVID-19 is being overcounted and that the deaths in the US are “overblown.” He said that doctors are counting deaths as COVID-19 cases to make more money. Recent legislation confirms that hospitals pay higher Medicare rates for COVID-19 patients and treatments, including an extra $13,000 if they diagnose a death as COVID-19 and an additional $39,000 if they use a ventilator.

Since the pandemic started, the American people have questioned how COVID-19 deaths are being counted and whether hospitals are falsely reporting for COVID-19-related funds.

According to the radical left, a heart attack is COVID-19, a stroke is COVID-19, and everything else should be labeled as COVID-19. Anything to spike the death toll meter that CNN’s technical Director Charlie Chester proudly plays up on the screen for ratings. Dems have blamed COVID-19 for keeping children out of school and prolonging mask mandates, even when the science backs up the health and safety of in-person instruction. If it’s not COVID-19, it’s racism, sexism, or anything else that enforces a liberal-based agenda.

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