CNN Contributor Tweets Out That The World Needs Another Hitler

Nothing should come as a surprise when a CNN contributor opens their mouth to push another wild and radically left claim, but the network’s very own Adeel Raja just tweeted his open admiration of Adolf Hitler.

He’s been on the show as a regular contributor in the past, especially regarding the supposed dangers of “white supremacy” in the US, but his comments regarding the ongoing violence between Hamas militants and the Israeli military went too far. Conservatives get suspended over using an offensive word and have been fired and canceled for far less. When will Raja be fired and dragged all over social media? That’s the Dem’s rules.

“The world today needs a Hitler,” Raja tweeted early on Sunday – then promptly deleted it.

The tweet received over 400 likes before he deleted it. That should say something about CNN’s platform users. Matt Doric, a spokesman for CNN, said that he’s “never heard of Raja” and that he’s “looking into it.”

But Raja’s LinkedIn profile lists that he is a “freelance contributor at CNN” and is living in Pakistan. He works at ARY News, a Pakistani news channel, and has his name published in more than 54 CNN articles. The network’s Spanish0language edition even gives him an author page. Most of his work focuses on international and domestic news related to Pakistan. Many critics pointed out Raja’s long history of supporting Hitler while being on CNN’s payroll since August of 2013. Only CNN would have an antisemite as a contributor.

Raja expressed his admiration for the Nazi leader in the past, even rooting for Germany during the 2014 World Cup because “Hitler was a German and he did good with those jews!” He has also declared that Germans must awaken their “inner Hitler” and has posted “Hail Hitler” numerous times. He even compared Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Hitler once.

Donald Trump Jr. screenshot Raja’s Hitler tweets and tagged CNN in a Twitter thread. “Hey @cnn this seems to be one of yours, but I imagine that surprises no one anymore,” he wrote.

Raja even tried to defend his deleted message in an explanatory tweet that “What the jews are doing in Palestine is similar to what Indian Hindus are doing in Occupied Kashmir.” He wrote that they were the same tactics. What’s even more concerning is that Big Tech platforms even allowed this tweet to stay up as long as it did, even though they have been notorious for censoring tweets and wiping out accounts related to “election misinformation.”

Radical leftists have been deflecting and gaslighting the direct connection between communist authoritarian dictators and the modern Left for some time now. They are always quick to make Hitler comparisons but never mention Stalin, Mao, or the Kim dynasty. They have sold viewers on this “connection” between the American Right and Nazism/Fascism while having Hitler-loving contributors like Raja work for their platform.

The Soviet Communist International even tried to spawn the myth that nazis were capitalists, which was later adopted by academia and spread by radical left college professors. The idea has been baked into the narrative being pushed by CNN today – loud and clear.

Remember when CNN used to censor stories about Saddam Hussein and Iraq for fear of offending him? Given the double standards, Raja’s Hitler-loving tweet will probably get him a raise and promotion (or dropped quietly). If you’re a member of the political correctness hierarchy, you’re usually immune.

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