Biden Turns “Remain in Mexico” on Its Head to Welcome Immigrants

Thousands of migrants are entering the United States – and why? Because President Biden has made sure to roll out the welcome mat.

There was a “Remain in Mexico” treaty under the Trump administration. It is what helped to stifle the flow of immigrants. It at least provided time for the Border Patrol Agents to process all of the individuals, ensure that they were allowed into the U.S., and provide them with court dates.

Biden got rid of that program within minutes of getting into office – and now he only has himself to blame for the immigration and humanitarian crisis that the country is faced with.

There were more than 8300 migrants enrolled in the “Remain in Mexico” program. Yet, the Biden administration has decided to not let them remain in Mexico. They’ve welcomed them into the U.S. with work permits.

Americans need to get back to work. They need the work in order to fuel the American economy. Yet again, though, the Biden administration has decided to prioritize illegal immigrants. They’ll get work permits to take the jobs away from American citizens. And then, they’ll wonder why so many Americans are still looking for jobs and depending on unemployment and/or Welfare.

Biden and the rest of the liberal administration have argued that it’s necessary to help those who want to claim asylum. The problem is that with over 70,000 asylum cases heard under “Remain in Mexico,” less than one percent of them have a legitimate claim.

Since they don’t have a legitimate claim, it would make sense that these migrants enrolled in the program would be deported back to whatever Central American country they came from.

Nope. In Biden’s America, common sense takes a backseat. He worked with his Department of Homeland Security to ensure that tens of thousands of migrants would be released into the U.S. interior. This includes cities such as El Paso, Texas and San Diego, California.

Of course, there’s no room for these migrants. And, many don’t speak the language or have any kind of college degree. They’ll put a financial drain on the public education system and take the entry-level jobs away from young Americans looking to enter the workforce.

And, those in the “Remain in Mexico” program are only a portion of the migrants entering the country, courtesy of the liberal Biden administration. The federal government has also been working with Catholic Charities to fly thousands of border crossers into the United States. Flying them in! They’re arriving in on commercial domestic flights. The bonus is that they’re bypassing photo identification and negative COVID test results – which means that they could be convicted felons AND have COVID.

Why is it that migrants are getting free passes when even law-abiding Americans have to prove a negative COVID test and have to succumb to a photo ID verification when flying? Biden wants to let the migrants in because it will provide more liberal voters down the way. And, when he can screw the economy up beyond all recognition, it places Americans in a dependent situation.

Suddenly, it’s hello socialism!

The liberals want to paint this entire situation as a humanitarian way to deal with migrants. Yet, no other country in the world is putting migrants above their own citizens. It’s dangerous and it doesn’t make sense. And, is it really fair to call the migration crisis a humanitarian one when none of them can even make a rational asylum claim?

Many wanted to call Biden the next Obama. Only, Obama actually deported migrants. Biden is simply being influenced by the left-wing liberals he has in his administration, starting with Kamala Harris.

If the migration issue doesn’t get fixed, there won’t be a United States to repair once Biden gets out of office in four years. We need programs to stop the flow of migration now – or the economy may be forever damaged.

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