Speaker of House Makes Epic Mistake with All Black Men Looking the Same

Aren’t the people claiming that there’s systemic racism in the country supposed to be the ones working the hardest to prevent such things? Nancy Pelosi, the liberal Speaker of the House, should be proving that she’s not a white supremacist.

Yet, when she tweeted out a special birthday message to a baseball legend, she failed in an epic way.

When she wished Willie Mays a happy birthday, she included a photo of herself with the wrong black man.

They all look alike, right?

How could she have made such a mistake? This is the kind of thing that many people of color complain about. Those that say that they are racially profiled have likely experienced what Pelosi has done – identified them as the wrong black person.

The tweet that Pelosi sent out read, “Happy 90th Birthday to an all-American icon, Willie Mays.”

The photo was of Pelosi with Willie McCovey, another black Hall-of-Famer. Only, McCovey played for the Giants and died in 2018.

So much for Pelosi proving that she has any understanding of why racial profiling exists. If she was looking to prove that she’s better than others in the country, she has failed. She’s supposed to be setting an example as to how not to be a white supremacist.

Yet, the only thing that she has managed to do is prove that she’s the biggest one of them all. Funny, and she likes to accuse the GOP of being the white supremacists in the country.

It took Pelosi and those behind her account a few hours (and likely hundreds of comments) to realize just how badly they messed up. The tweet was deleted and the picture was replaced so that it featured Pelosi with Mays instead of McCovey.

Is it an honest mistake? Not really. At least make sure you get the correct baseball legend. It doesn’t matter if they both played for the Giants at some point in their career or that they had their jersey numbers retired.

Of course, you didn’t think that Nancy Pelosi was going to take ownership of her mistake, do you? No. That’s not how the Democrats roll, and she’ll point the finger to someone else any chance she gets.

Pelosi’s office was quick to blame a staffer, making the comment that  “a staffer inadvertently selected the wrong photo for the tweet.” Apparently, there was a photo taken of Pelosi with Mays at McCovey’s wedding in August 2018.

Was it an honest mistake? Yeah, probably. However, it proves that honest mistakes do happen to anyone regarding every one, including people of color.

The only difference is that when a Republican makes a mistake regarding a person of color, they are villainized. They are called white supremacists and they are blamed for why systemic racism exists in the U.S.

Can you imagine the kind of media circus that would ensue if former President Donald Trump had made such a mishap on Twitter? Or even Senator Ted Cruz?

Nancy Pelosi is allowed to make such mistakes because she’s a liberal. And, she can get away with pointing the blame toward someone else.

The reality is that everyone can have a bad day. The wrong photo gets posted. It happens. It doesn’t mean that anyone is racist. It just means that there was an error.

Does Pelosi believe all black men look the same and that’s why the mistake happened? Of course not – yet that’s exactly what the media would have said about any Republican who could have easily made the same mistake.

The country has changed. There’s more division than ever before – and that’s because of people like Pelosi who want to play the blame game more than focusing on the unity that the country needs.

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