Liberal Students Demand Unsafe Campuses in Unusual Protest

Anyone who has ever had to deal with the campus police at a university knows that they’re nothing like city and county police departments. Campus police simply ensure that students are safe and crime is prevented.

Many universities have campus police not to protect their students but to protect the actual buildings. It ensures that unauthorized visitors are not on campus. Further, it ensures that students aren’t damaging school property.

At the University of California, liberal students have decided to show their ignorance. They’re demanding that the campus police forces be abolished.

Students have chosen to have a “virtual” walkout where they have refused to attend class or answer emails. Workers who are a part of the walkout have also refused to click into work or attend meetings.

The group organizing this is Cops Off Campus Coalition, and it’s part of their Abolition May – just one of the many actions they have planned to remove police from campuses.

Wait, are the campus police racist? No. Are the campus police violently arresting students? Again, no.

Instead, students at the University of California simply want the police to be removed because they’re trying to make a bigger statement – police are the enemy.

This is where the left-wing activists are misinformed and just plain wrong. Police are not the enemy. Police are sworn to serve and protect. Sure, there are a few bad seeds – but there are bad seeds in every industry around the country.

Just as there are bad police officers, there are bad criminals – those that don’t want to succumb to being arrested.

The students would rather attend school on a campus where there are no police. They don’t want the safety. They don’t want to be protected from any crimes that may take place.

Yet, this seems to be the beginning of another problem. What happens when there are problems on campus, as there will inevitably be? What happens when there are unauthorized visitors on the campus? What happens when a frat party gets out of hand? What happens when a student is raped in the quad?

Without campus police, crime could surge – yet UC students aren’t thinking about that.

According to a report from Capital Public Radio, “some students say regardless of increased diversity in law enforcement, continued police presence has retraumatized them from prior experiences.”

Let’s be clear on this. The UC students are so left-wing brainwashed that they don’t even understand the difference between campus police and regular police. Further, they’re not saying that the campus police have done anything wrong.  Instead, they’re saying that the mere presence of campus police is traumatizing because of past experiences that they’ve had with the regular police.

Students have signed a pledge in addition to participating in the virtual protest. This pledge claims that campus police “evoke images of brutality against student protesters by local and state police forces during the 1960s and 1970s anti-war movement.”

It seems that they are speaking out of desperation. They’re grasping at straws to try to strengthen their argument – and failing in the process. None of the students lived through the anti-war movement, so they’re going on hearsay.

The students are operating under a false narrative. They believe that the campus police represent brutality, violence, and racial profiling – regardless of how diverse the campus police may be.

This is a nonsensical argument. How is it that a diverse campus police force can represent racial profiling?

Of course, the movement to abolish police has been gaining momentum since the Black Lives Matter movement. So, it shouldn’t make sense because the BLM movement doesn’t make sense.

People are mad because of the few occasions where there has been police brutality. Yet, they don’t bother to understand that we need police to ensure that citizens aren’t attacking citizens.

Worse yet, liberal students are essentially asking to attend school on campuses that threaten considerably more violence than if the campus police can simply stay where they’re at.

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