Biden Plans To Give Amnesty & “Reparations” To Millions Of Illegal Immigrants

According to recent reports, President Biden and his administration have cut deportations to an all-time low for April. They’ve made it effectively impossible for U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement to deport up to 90% of illegal aliens in the U.S, limiting the scope to only deport suspected terrorists, very bad criminals, and illegal immigrants who crossed into the United States after Election Day. This leaves 13 million illegal immigrants off the hook. At this point, Biden isn’t trying to only end Trump-era border control policies – he’s trying to reverse them.

The White House is currently in negotiations with the American Civil Liberty Union on a plan to use taxpayers money to fly deported parents back to the United States, grant them amnesty and permanent resident status, reunite them with their children, and then pay them “reparations” for the trouble they’ve been through. The ACLU currently represents more than 1,000 deported illegals who have children inside the country under the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services.

A Department of Homeland Security spokesperson shared that the administration to trying to develop a system for processing and reunifying over a thousand families, as well as provide mental health support and stability to those who are trying to heal from the “trauma” caused by their separation. “We are committed to working with the private sector and with the NGOs, attorneys, and advocates who have done tremendous work in support of these families,” they add.

Besides granting potential amnesty to 1,000 illegal immigrants, Biden has also touted a massive amnesty plan for 11 to 22 million illegal aliens, even as hundreds of thousands of Americans remain jobless or unemployed. He shared his plans during the first joint session of Congress and addressed his commitment to a “comprehensive immigration bill” that will lead millions on the pathway to citizenship. He called on Congress to pass two other amnesties: one for 4.4 million illegal aliens and another for 2.1 million illegal aliens working on farms.

“Congress needs to pass legislation this year to finally secure protection for the DREAMers — the young people who have only known America as their home. And, permanent protections for immigrants on temporary protected status who come from countries beset by man-made and natural-made violence and disaster,” Biden said.

Even former president George W. Bush said Biden and Republicans should “strike a deal” to provide amnesty to the millions of illegal aliens, or at the very least those who are eligible for former President Obama’s Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. He said they should pass amnesty for illegal aliens and increase the number of foreign workers taking blue-collar jobs. Biden has even thrown out a Trump-era reform that would stop the federal government from issuing work permits to illegal aliens with final deportation orders.

But many conservatives pushed back against Bush, adding that he is out of touch with Republicans and that his presidency was a “national disaster” on immigration issues. “Bush immigration policy has no impact today other than a reference on what not to do,” one GOP aide said.

Some even cited a survey from the Koch-funded Cato Institute that reveals 6-in-10 Americans want less overall immigration to the U.S and more public benefits. 72% of Americans would prefer less immigration and more public benefits than more immigration and less public benefits

As reported in early March, 17 Senate Republicans have publicly said they would not support Biden’s two amnesties, including Sens. Marco Rubio, James Lankford, and Mike Crapo. The other 33 Senate Republicans have not stated clear positions on the amnesties.

As amnesty proposals and work permits work their way to protect hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, 16.4 million Americans remain jobless and more than five million are underemployed. The crisis on the border continues to surge and Vice President Kamala Harrid, Border Czar, has yet to address the issue.

This is just another insane example coming out of the White House of Biden and the Democratic Party choosing illegal aliens over American citizens in the name of “climate change” and “root migration issues.” Joe Biden seems determined to flood the country with illegal aliens and award them with one-year work permits to take American jobs and vote blue.

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