MSNBC Contributor Claims GOP Has Done More Damage Than “Al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, & The Taliban” Combined

Over the last year, multiple MSNBC program ratings have suffered and hit historical lows. Without having Trump to vilify, Joy Reid’s show, in particular, is failing to attract viewers and maintain a weekly viewership. There’s no question as to why their network is tanking. Between false reporting, taking sides in the political world, and letting Big Tech and Big Government dominate their headlines, viewers are not interested in hearing far-leftists blame Trump anymore for everything Biden has done in the office. Without having former President Trump around to blame for their bigger issues, MSNBC just spews propaganda all day.

Sinking to a new and anti-American low, Joy’s show “The ReidOut” brought on political contributor and former Lincoln Project aide Kurt Bardella during their Wednesday night panel discussion. On the show, Bardella declared that the Republican Party has done more damage to our democracy than Islamic terrorists al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, and the Taliban combined. How ironic that the Democrats are the ones destroying our democracy and taking away our individual freedoms, yet blaming Republicans for it all.

The panel discussion was regarding the growing calls for Congresswoman Liz Cheney to be removed from her position on House GOP leadership.

“I’ve been thinking to myself this whole time, you know, al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, the Taliban, the people who wanted to do harm to our nation and to our way of life and our democracy, they got nothing on what this Republican Party is doing. The idea that a member of their party, of their leadership, whose last name is Cheney, could be purged from their leadership for telling the truth about January 6, for telling the truth about a violent insurrection that claimed the lives of, among others, a Capitol police officer,” Bardella said.

You can watch the full commentary here:

A top Washington D.C medical examiner concluded, however, that the Capitol Police Officer Bardella is referring to died of natural causes after suffering two strokes. It was reported that he was assaulted by rioters with a fire extinguisher but that was not his cause of death.

What’s even more disturbing than Bardella’s comments is that host Joy Reid and former CNN political commentator Angela Rye said nothing in response and notably agreed with his statements that a political party has done more damage than the terrorists who’ve murdered thousands of Americans.

This isn’t the first time Bardella has made outrageous comments about the GOP. On February 11’s ReidOut show, he also told viewers that the entire Republican Party was “racist,” “radical,” and a “domestic terrorist cell,” in which all members should be treated as such.

Bardella went on to talk about how Cheney won’t support the “great lie” that the election was rigged. He also claimed there were a “dangerous development” that was going to result in more violence and more attempts to overthrow the government. “…that’s going to result in people losing lives just like January 6,” Bardella adds. Talk about poisonous, damaging, and outright violent rhetoric for MSNBC viewership.

Demonizing Republicans is nothing new for the radical left mainstream media. But former Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill, who was part of the SEAL team that took out bin laden, had an interesting suggestion for Bardella.

“I recently saw a pundit on MSNBC say the GOP is more dangerous than al Qaeda. I recommend he sets up interviews with both. Ya, know… see how it goes,” he tweeted.

The radical left has completely unhinged their hatred for Trump and the GOP, talking about how conservatives have “denigrated our American body politic” and “made our lives more caustic and contentious.” Who knew that getting the American people back to work, reopening schools, lowering taxes, protecting our border, and supporting our police were things that damaged our democracy? Only the radical left…

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  1. MSNBC has done MORE damage to the U.S. due to their LYING . . . Like ALL Left Wing LIBERAL Socialist COMMUNISTS – it’s in their PLAYBOOK. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

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