Citizens in Montana Loving Life as Forced Vaccinations by Employers Are Deemed as Illegal

The Democratic push for all people to be shot in the arm is reaching new heights and challenges as millions of people are tired of being pushed around. The liberals have pleaded and threatened social isolation for people that refuse to get the shot. Employers have fearfully joined in and told employees that they need to get it before they will be allowed to work.

Fear is a powerful motivator, yet it can be a person’s worst enemy if used to attack people and strip away freedoms.

The push to force people to do things they do not want to do is being fought back by freedom-loving Republican lawmakers. The state of Montana is leading the way by setting an example of what that principle looks like in real life. The state legislature passes a bill that keeps businesses from mandating that employees must get a vaccination or face termination.

This new law keeps businesses from firing employees and keeps the company from neglecting to hire the person if they have not had the vaccination. The entire thought of forcing people to get a shot is to introduce immunity passports, allowing them to go around maskless and be around other people without having to social distance.

People are still being urged to get the vaccination but are not supposed to be forced to get it. It is a decision that should be made by that individual alone. But the Democrats believe and push that it is not that person’s choice. It should be something that everyone should be forced to do.

Greg Gianforte is the Republican governor that will have to sign the bill to make it a law. Tom McGillvray is a state Senator that has stated, “Up to now Montana employers have respected the fundamental, personal, medical and religious freedoms of Montanans.”

However, that is no longer the normal way of things. Many employers are fearfully pushing and forcing their people to go and get the shot. He McGillvray also mentioned that “However, that’s not the case anymore. There are employers … that are requiring and coercing employees to get vaccinations under threat of termination and intimidation.”

The socialist mindset is coming out in opposers to the law. Health care facilities and doctors are stating what the Montana Hospital Association believes that it “will prevent healthcare facilities from screening potential employees in the hiring process without violating the newly created discrimination provisions in the bill.”

The liberal association believes that 50 years of science is enough to prove forced injections are the answer to illness. A medical center to force people to take the risk of harm violates their oath not to harm people. There is no telling if a normally healthy person would end up dead because of the vaccination. It should be a decision that they make on their own.

The concerns that the liberals have are not even warranted. The bill does not prevent safety measures from being taken. Not every person is forced to get the flu shot, and so it should be for the COVID shot.

Biden’s idea of vaccination passports is banned in Montana and other states. These papers cannot be used to identify people and the measures they take to control health issues. The governor does urge people in his state to get the shot but believes it is a choice that they have to make.

Even Ron DeSantis agreed with Montana’s governor when he said, “It’s completely unacceptable for either the government or the private sector to impose upon you the requirement that you show proof of vaccine to just simply be able to participate in normal society.”

Greg Abbott from Texas also supports the northern states law as he too believes that vaccinations should be a personal choice. No one should be kept from life just because a fearful person does not want them around because of a lack of immunization.

The Democrat’s desire to force people to bow to their power is going to blow up in the face. People are tired of being told and forced to do things that are in complete violation of the Constitution.

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