Governors Make Move to Protect Girls Playing in Sports From Predator Boys

The insane Joe Biden is copying his predecessor, Barack Obama, by letting young men compete in girls’ sports simply because they want to identify as girls. The boys who cannot cut in male sports make the switch to excel to the top because they are competing against girls. Their brute strength put them in a class above the girls, which allows them to run faster and perform greater tasks.

The belief that men should be allowed to be girls and compete with them defies biological design and goes against everything that is normal about life. But the Democrats are weak and want to give the extreme minority what they want. So these men can now run with the girls and act as predators in their locker room.

But there are leaders that are fighting back. The Republican Party is against the idea and will not support Biden’s wacky way of life. Governor Kay Ivey is one Republican that will not allow the women in Alabama to be victimized by delusional men looking to beat up on girls.

One report noted that ‘Ivey’s office announced in an email that she had signed the bill that says a public K-12 school may never allow a biological male to participate on a female team.’ Asked if the governor had a comment on the decision, spokeswoman Gina Maiola said she could confirm the governor signed the bill but did not elaborate.”

The Democrats are treating girls as prey. They seek to let men run over them and abuse them in the locker rooms. Men that want to identify as girls are nothing more than a predator seeking to destroy the sanctity of womanhood.

The report noted that “The Alabama House voted 74-19 for the bill sponsored by Republican Rep. Scott Stadthagen of Hartselle. The Alabama Senate voted 25-5 for the legislation.”

Stadhagen said to the governor that “I want to thank Governor Ivey for her leadership and for protecting the rights of Alabama’s female athletes. Standing up for what is right is not always easy, but it is always the right thing to do.”

Donald Trump was quick to reverse the action of Barack Obama when he allowed men to use women’s restrooms. He opened the door up for women to be sexually attacked and abused by men that stalk and prey on women.

That’s FIVE states now that have protected women’s sports. Thank you @GovernorKayIvey for doing the right thing for the great state of Alabama! #RollTide #NotDoneYet

— American Principles (@approject) April 24, 2021

There are currently five states that are taking action to protect women from being victimized and put down by men competing in women’s sports. Other states such as Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi and Idaho are looking to pass or have finalized their laws.

But some very powerful and heavy pressures are being put on by agencies such as the NCAA. Kristi Noem is one Republican governor that gave in to such pressure. She kept the state from banning men from women’s sports.

Laura Kelly is a Democrat that rules Kansas. She hated the idea of keeping males and females from competing against each other. She quickly vetoed “The Fairness in Women’s Sports Act” when it came across her desk. She threw all the women under her care under the bus by opening up the way for men to beat them down in athletics.

Today I vetoed the divisive transgender sports bill so we can keep our state welcoming to all Kansans and keep our state open for business. See my full statement below:

— Governor Laura Kelly (@GovLauraKelly) April 22, 2021

Kelly has bought into the idea that by keeping the sexes separate, that is somehow racist. The notion of separating men and women in sports makes Kelly sick. She justifies her actions by claiming that men are still welcome to compete against men. But Kelly wants to make sure that kids that want to mess around and label themselves as alternate humans have the ability to play.

.@GovernorKayIvey = Hero for women’s sports! #RollTide for #SaveWomensSports

Another big “L” for the deceivers at @HRC

— Terry Schilling (@Schilling1776) April 24, 2021

There is a change happening in America that stems from the Democratic Party’s desire to turn America into the next stew pot of confused kids looking to experiment in the next realm of sexual perversion. Young people are curious, but there are still things that they, and adults, should never mess around with. Boys and men who want to identify as women are a step into a realm of perversion that is just inviting trouble for both sexes.

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