Project Veritas Founder James O’Keefe Sues Twitter & CNN

Big Tech has been on a rampage against conservative journalism for months now and people have had enough. Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe recently filed a defamation lawsuit against Twitter after they permanently banned his account.

O’Keefe had posted a video of CNN’s technical director Charles Chester discussing the network’s anti-Trump coverage and boasting about how they helped get Trump out of the office with manipulative coverage, which Twitter removed for allegedly violating their rules on “platform manipulation and spam.” While Twitter claims that the video was posted on a fake account, OKeefe’s lawsuit proves this to be false and that the platform acted with intent to injure Okeefe’s good name and reputation.

Project Veritas filmed a series of fake Tinder dates with Chester, who was secretly recorded talking about how they played up the COVID-19 death toll for ratings and used “propaganda” to help get Joe Biden elected president. Our focus was to get Trump out of office, right? Without saying it, that’s what it was,” he revealed on tape.

Chester also made references to the coronavirus death tracker that would appear on the screen and said that their points would be made better “if the COVID death toll was higher.” He also talked about the “red phone” that the network president, Jeff Zucker, would use to call producers to play up the COVID-19 death count on screen. He also shared that there is “no such thing as unbiased news” and talked about how they only let people on their network who have a proven track record of taking the bait.

O’Keefe shared that he’s also expanding the lawsuit to CNN anchor Ana Cabrera, who made the claim that Project Veritas was the “product of spreading disinformation.” She even described the group as an “activist organiation” during her report.

“I have never couched myself as an activist organization,” O’Keefe said. “That’s psychological projection on behalf of CNN. They’re the activist. You know what, usually I demand a retraction… but they lie so much. You know, we already sued The New York Times for defamation and you know what, we’re gonna go ahead and sue the hell out of CNN for what they said. Not even Twitter alleges that I was banned, or Project Veritas was banned, for disinformation. Every day in this country people are defamed and lied about constantly and they don’t have the will, the money, the resources to fight back. So Veritas is going to be the tip of that spear. We don’t settle. We fight all the way to a jury verdict and we’ve never lost,” O’Keefe said.

O’Keefe shared that he wants to depose Jack Dorsey under oath to find out exactly what was going through his mind when he lied about Project Veritas being operated by him as a “fake account.”

Former President Donald Trump even shared his take with Sean Hannity behind CNN’s intentional coverage and that it constitutes campaign violations. He said investigative reporter James O’Keefe was “incredible” for exposing CNN and called for greater regulation of social media following O’Keefe’s ban. Even Trump Jr. tweeted shortly after the ban. “In case you haven’t figured out how it works by now… @CNN spreads propaganda to elect Democrats And then @Twitter runs interference to protect CNN. They’re all on the same team,” he wrote.

Big Tech platforms shouldn’t be allowed to censor political viewpoints they disagree with or ban the accounts that acknowledge a different point of view. This is exactly where the phrase ‘fake news’ came from.

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