Dr. Ben Carson Blasts The ‘Push For Equity’ As Another Form of Racism

Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson recently blasted the far-left political agenda in an op-ed piece for the Washington Post. He talked about their agenda of pushing for racial equity and argued that the shift from equality to equity is antithetical to Rev. Martin Luther King Jr and his ideals that would “reward and punish people because of the color of their skin.” Carson also talked about the dangers of pursuing equity of outcome rather than equity of opportunity and shared that it is not only un-American but impossible to attain.

“Proponents of equity see no problem with treating groups of people differently based solely on race, as long as it serves their agenda. This is what we used to call racism, and those not blinded by identity politics still recognize it as such,” Carson writes.

Carson cites that the equity worldview is one that starts with the proposition that the “White majority is guilty of bigotry and oppression and that all differential outcomes between groups are solely the result of that bigotry and oppression.” While equality means everyone has the same opportunity, equity means the end result is all the same.

One of the major examples of this has been reflected in Critical Race Theory, a theoretical framework that is rooted in Marxism and being pushed into schools and workplaces. Critical race theory does not try to seek equality or justice, but rather categorizes people. It positions one’s gender, race, or sexual orientation as the oppressed or an oppressor and that the only way to be freed from that status is to overthrow all existing social structures, which are claimed to be inherently racist.

Critics have argued that while they don’t deny racism exists, there are different ways in handling the approach to it. Critical Race Theory currently categorizes people based on race and gender and assumes people don’t have the ability to fight prejudice based on those categories, which leaves no room for meaningful conversations or discourse.

President Biden’s Housing and Urban Development Secretary nominee Rep. Marcia Fudge even explained to the Senate Banking Committee that ‘equity’ does not always mean ‘treating everyone the same.’ She went on to say that most people “that don’t look like me” have options that I do not have and that she wants to make the playing field level by treating everyone differently rather than treating everyone the same.

Rep Fudge tried to illustrate her definition of ‘racial equity’ but fell flat. “You know if you say to me that I’m going to give you five dollars so you’re going to give my friend five dollars, my five dollars is not necessarily going to go as far because my friend already has a mother and father who is wealthy and they’re giving them,” she said.

Critics argued against this comparison with the idea of personal choice when talking about the needs of two different people. While she was correct in saying that the $5 doesn’t necessarily mean the same to 2 different people, one may need to save the money until they spend it and the other may want to spend it immediately on something they want. It is a difference between wants and needs, which cannot be boiled down to a simple factor of race.

Carson argued that race-based victimization demonizes entire groups and guarantees produced resentment among the disfavored group. “Rather than teach our children that they are victims of a racist system in which they can only be made whole by making people who have done nothing wrong pay for the past sins of others, we should teach them that they are in charge of their own dignity and their own future,” he adds.

Carson also mentioned plans to create his own version of the Boy Scouts called the “Little Patriots,” which would be pushed by the American Cornerstone Institute. He said he would educate a new class of American youth on the “real history of America” while defending conservative ideals. He wrote in a Facebook post that he started the American Cornerstone Institute because he cares about the future and wants to ensure that the next generation has a deep sense of patriotism and love of country. While he has not shared specific details about the plan yet, he said the young participants will be expected to live in the United States and will target boys ages five to twenty-one.

Dr. Ben Carson was a Black man born into a very underprivileged family and became a world-renowned neurosurgeon who’s saved many children’s lives. While he’s an incredible role model and patriotic GOP figure, why Carson gets any hate is beyond me. He has called out the attempted brainwashing for what it is and liberals aren’t too happy.

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