How Rep. Maxine Waters Encouraged More Violence

Rep. Maxine Waters has a history of impassioned comments and heated remarks over the last few months. Between barbs at her own colleagues and telling crowds to “get more confrontational,” it’s a wonder how Democrats try to paint Republicans as the ‘violent’ ones. At one point, Rep. Waters even told her supporters to fight back against the Trump administration and that the people will “absolutely harass” Trump staffers. How is that not inciting violence?

Rep. Waters recently showed up to an anti-police protest in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota to talk about why they cannot allow these killings to continue. The crowds were gathered for the seventh night of protests to fight against police brutality and systemic racism, calling for heavy charges against Kimberly Potter, the officer involved in the Daunte Wright Shooting.

Rep. Waters shared with the crowd that she would be in town until Monday and that she would be joining the people who were angry over the shooting of Daunte Wright, even though there was a warrant for his arrest. She also told people that they should ‘take to the streets’ if Chauvin is acquitted. Derek Chauvin is the police officer accused of killing George Floyd last May.

“We’ve got to stay in the streets, and we’ve got to demand justice. We’re looking for a guilty verdict. And if we don’t, we cannot go away, we’ve got to get more confrontational. We’ve got to make sure that they know that we mean business,” Rep. Waters urged the crowd.

Talk about inciting more violence.

The crowd had earlier been chanting “No good cops in a racist system!” “F—K your curfew!” and “No justice, no peace!” GOP lawmakers and politicians went after Rep. Waters and how her violent comments reflect the Democratic agenda as a whole. They also accused the lawmaker of inciting violence.

“Democrats actively encouraging riots & violence. They want to tear us apart. ‘We gotta stay on the street,’ Waters was recorded saying, adding that protesters needed ‘to get more confrontational’ & they should ignore the curfew in place,” Texas Sen. Ted Cruz tweeted.

Arizona Rep. Andy Briggs adds to Sen. Cruz and says that the radical left doesn’t care if your towns are burning, if there’s violence in the streets, or if the police are too defunded to defend their communities. They only care if the Left ‘appeases their anti-America base,” and then the job is done.

Rep. Lauren Boebert, along with Matt Walsh of “The Matt Walsh Show,” asked why Rep. Waters traveled from California to Minnesota to incite a riot. Walsh accused Waters of trying to intimidate a jury to influence the outcome of a murder trial. He called on every elected Republican in the country for her immediate arrest and removal from congress.

Hours after Rep. Waters told people to be more confrontational, there was a drive-by shooting of the National Guard in Minneapolis. If that’s not inciting violence across state lines, then I don’t know what is.

Republican Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene also announced that she will be introducing legislation to expel Rep. Waters from Congress. She tweeted that Rep. Waters continues to incite violence on innocent American people and that she is a “danger to our society.” Even Colorado Rep. Ken Buck asked why a sitting member of Congress is encouraging protesters to get ‘confrontational?’

Democratic politicians are no longer serving the people, but sowing division and hatred for political gain. It’s about nothing more than trying to get more brownie points for inciting a “fight for justice.” The next question is: Will she be permanently banned by Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube for ‘inciting violence’ too? Probably not.

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