Mass Murder Brushed Over Because It’s Bad for DA Fundraising Efforts

It’s amazing how hypocritical the liberals can be. A mass murder for one can be a great way to promote their left-wing agenda. Then, another mass murder is completely brushed over because it may stand in the way of them being able to fundraise millions of dollars toward their reelection efforts.

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner deals with crime statistics all day long because of his high-profile position. However, when a mass murder happens down the road from him, he downplays it so that he can sell $1,000-a-head tickets to his reelection fundraiser.

Top Democrats and Hollywood celebrities gathered at Krasner’s fundraiser to hear what he had to say. He breezed over the violent crime spike that’s been happening across the city.

Krasner also failed to mention the mass murder that happened just hours before his virtual address – one where eight people were shot outside of a train station.

Shouldn’t mass murders be something that is addressed by the DA?

After all, the DA is responsible for putting away the bad guys. And, if there’s a strong enough program to deter bad guys, the crime rates fall.

A surge in the crime rates could easily demonstrate that the city doesn’t have a great DA in place.

Yikes, but that works against Krasner when he’s trying to make sure that he stays in his position. So, he just won’t mention anything that makes him look bad.

Any time that people have said that his progressive crime policy is ignorant, he’s shot back that they get their understanding of crime from “watching Law & Order” and that people have irrational fears of “werewolves running up and down the street.”

Wow, that’s some way to insult his constituents.

Anyone who has ever picked up a paper understands how crime works. To state differently is ignorant.

It seems that the ignorant one is Krasner as he’s the one dealing with a city that can’t seem to get a hold of its violence. The train station shooting happened in broad daylight – that’s enough to scare anyone.

No one’s worried about werewolves running up and down the street. However, they are worried that there are gang members hanging out by public transportation depots with loaded guns.

Krasner seems to be dismissing everyone’s fears so that he can focus on his progressive crime policy – which also means that he’s not planning on doing anything of real benefit for the people of Philadelphia.

Was Krasner trying to look cool in front of Hollywood celebs like John Legend? Or, does he actually believe that people are truly worried for nothing?

The DA doesn’t have the best track record to say that there’s nothing to worry about. Philadelphia is dealing with a 30-year high regarding homicides – and the homicide rate has been steadily increasing since Krasner took office in 2018.

John McNesby, the Fraternal Order of Police president of the city has said that Krasner has “zero cooperation” with Philadelphia police and has continuously shown how Krasner downplays the violent crime, dismissing law enforcement at any chance that he has. “That’s his M.O. He doesn’t care about anybody but himself,” McNesby says of the DA.

The Democratic primaries will take place on May 18 in Philadelphia. Krasner is being challenged by Carlos Vega, a prosecutor who has been vocal about the DA’s actions and for making the city “vulnerable and unsafe.”

Perhaps Krasner can be unseated after the primaries – or at the very least, by the general election later in the year. After all, you shouldn’t be allowed to glaze over the fact that eight people were shot in broad daylight hours before you talk about the amazing job you’re doing for the city.

The lives of people in Philadelphia matter, yet you wouldn’t know that by listening to Krasner speak.

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