Project Veritas Founder Gets The Twitter Ban After Exposing CNN

After seeing how far Big Tech went to suppress the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story, it’s no surprise to see that Twitter has permanently suspended the conservative activist group ‘Project Veritas’ and its founder James O’Keefe for violating their “private information policy” in February. Twitter would not specify which tweets or give further explanation.

Before getting suspended, O’Keefe tweeted undercover videos on his account, which he called “#ExposeCNN,” as part of a three-part campaign against the radical left media network. The first video featured CNN technical director Charles Chester who was talking to an undercover journalist off-camera about the network’s coverage of the 2020 presidential elections. He was targeted on Tinder, an online dating app, and went on a number of dates with a woman posing as a nurse. He bragged to her that their network put Biden in a favorable light and even helped get Trump out of office.

“Look what we did, we [CNN] got Trump out. I am 100% going to say it, and I 100% believe that if it wasn’t for CNN, I don’t know that Trump would have got voted out. I came to CNN because I wanted to be a part of that,” Chester bragged.

Chester described CNN’s reporting as “propaganda” and said they invited medical experts on the show to undermine the public’s confidence in Trump’s health. He talked about one instance where Trump’s hand was shaking and said they brought on medical people to tell a story that he was “neurologically damaged” and unfit to be president for another term. “We were creating a story there that we didn’t know anything about. That’s what, I think that’s propaganda,” he said.

In the second installment of #ExposeCNN, Chester told the woman about the network’s “art form” when interviewing people in order to get the answer the network wants. He said there’s no such thing as “unbiased news” since there’s too many agendas and that they only bring people on the air of having a “proven track record of taking the bait.” He even gave the journalist an example of how CNN would frame a car accident and imitated the questions he would ask in a reporter’s tone.

“One of the reporters would be like…’That man clearly went through the intersection slamming into this car,’ or whatever it was. ‘And it really is unfortunate that, you know, our infrastructure of traffic lights and whatnot is falling apart in the city. How do you feel about the traffic lights and the infrastructure or what not’? We’ve led them to talk about how we want them to talk about it. It’s always like leading them in a direction before they even open their mouths,” Chester said.

Chester also talked about how the network has targeted Matt Gaetz and other conservative politicians that get in the way of their agenda. O’Keefe recently achieved a victory against the Times for reporting that Project Veritas was part of a “coordinated disinformation effort” with former president Donald Trump and said that he plans to sue CNN for defamation as well. He said he feels that a lot more people need to start suing the media for defamation too.

“Actual malice is the standard in the United States, we believe we can win against CNN so…I’m announcing on your show, I’m going to sue CNN for defamation,” O’Keefe told Hannity.

CNN has settled a stack of defamation lawsuits in the past, including a 2020 multi-million dollar defamation lawsuit filed by Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann where they portrayed him as an aggressor next to a Native American elder. The botched coverage went viral. There’s a reason why Trump keeps calling it ‘fake news’ and more people are beginning to see it by the day.

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