Pelosi Says The Border Is On A “Good Path” Under Biden Despite Record Numbers

It’s hard to tell whether Democrats are too invested in their own political agendas or if they are truly delusional enough to still call the border crisis a “challenge.” During a recent visit to a San Francisco community clinic, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was caught saying that America was on a “good path at the border under President Biden” with a straight face. She dodged numerous questions regarding the escalating crisis at the southern border and even adds that there was a “very bad situation” under the Trump Administration. There’s never been a better time for term limits than now.

President Joe Biden is currently facing one of the largest mishandling of migrant surges at the border and Democrats continue to struggle in managing the narrative that these are simply “challenges at the border” rather than a crisis. Democrats have continued to suppress and spin the narrative that the border was better secured under the Trump Administration by placing a gag order on U.S Border Patrol agents and not allowing the press to access the overcrowded migrant facilities.

They’ve continued gaslighting the Biden Administration’s handling of the border, but Pelosi just flat-out denied any crisis at all and took her delusion to the next level. Even illegal migrants told a handful of reporters that they came to America because of Biden’s open border rhetoric and amnesty policies in place.

Here’s a clip of gaslighting taken to the next level.

“The fact is that we’re on a good path at the border under the leadership of President Biden. It’s about restructuring how we do what is happening there, because we were in a very bad situation under the Trump Administration. We had a Muslim ban four years ago,” Pelosi said.

The House Speaker went on to criticize former President Trump’s handling of immigration issues, as well as pin the blame of surging COVID-19 on Republicans that refuse to “follow the science.”

Social media users responded and asked if Pelosi had been asleep for the last four months or if she was truly living in an alternate reality where Biden’s border policies hadn’t increased human trafficking, the Cartel making millions from immigrants, or the U.S having to handle one of the largest migrant surges in 20 years. Remember when people called Trump’s temporary migrant facilities “concentration camps” and “keeping kids in cages?” Those people have been pretty quiet since Biden reopened the exact same migrant facilities and is holding thousands of kids there at 100%+ capacity.

Democrat Val Verde County Sheriff Joe Frank Martinez has even asked politicians to stop disputing the crisis as a “challenge” for political points and to come view things at the border themselves. He talked about his 42 years as a sheriff and said he’s never seen so many migrants risking their lives to cross the Rio Grande as in the past couple of months. He shared horror stories of children being abandoned at the border and finding pregnant women and families dead on the American side of the river, adding that the tide of mitigation started just a few days before Jan. 20.

“I wish I could invite Washington decision-makers to Val Verde County – and not just for a photo opportunity. If they could stay a few days and see the madness and mayhem going on right now, there’d be no more wasting time trying to decide whether the border situation is a crisis or not,” Martinez said.

Rep. Lee Zeldin also criticized Speaker Pelosi for being a “dishonest hack” and called it a reminder to the American people that Nancy Pelosi is one of the top three members of the House Democratic Leadership and reflects their party. He called on Democrats to elect honest leaders who will listen to their fellow Texas Democrats speaking up about the crisis, rather than the D.C reps who just defend one narrative entirely. “We need to bring in new blood, new ideas, because you have people like Speaker Pelosi who’s just a dishonest hack on stuff like this,” Zeldin adds.

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t care about anything or anybody other than Nancy Pelosi. Everything she does and says is based on how she will politically benefit from it and if the message doesn’t fit her narrative, then it must be Trump’s fault. Like everything else.

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