The CDC, Guns and the Connection Behind the Scenes

The Center for Disease Control is supposed to be that one organization specializing in the discovery of and handling diseases. At no time in their existence should they ever try and become experts in a sector of thought outside of their realm of expertise. But for some reason, the organization is trying to step into the realm of gun violence as experts. This is coming from an organization that has lied to the people and fueled the China virus’s fear.

Like all United States movements, the switchover started because Dr. Bindi J. Naik-Mathuria became sick and tired of treating small children with gunshot wounds. This doctor has good reason to be upset but lacks the necessary expertise to dictate gun control laws. Decisions based on rash feelings never work out in the end.

Dr. Naik-Mathuria sought out and received a grant from the federal government to track down and record every death caused by a gun in the city of Houston. The enraged doctor wanted to track gun violence like some kind of viral infection. The two subjects are so far apart that how one investigates the matter cannot be applied to the other.

Two other doctors named Garen J. Wintermute and Andrew R. Morral have joined up to work with Naik-Mathuria in the endeavor to track down viral gun violence. They are looking for a common cause the way they would look for a single virus. The point is that they will never find that one cause, for there are many points to consider.

Even Morral noted that finding when he stated, “There’s at least five different gun violence problems in the country and mass shooting is one of them. There’s also suicide, there’s urban gun violence which mostly affects minority young men, there’s family shootings, and there’s police shootings. And they all have different risk factors, they all have very different motives, and they often involve different firearms.”

It is amazing to note that this so-called study is supposed to let the liberals have reason to impose new laws on people that want to own guns. The Second Amendment is clear that people have the right to own guns, and no one has the right to try and control that freedom in any fashion.

It should be a surprise for people to find that the same tactic was tried in 1993 when a study was done concerning weapons. And that study was used to initiate gun control laws. Even after the study was proved incorrect, the laws still stuck. And now the lie continues to be used every time there is shooting as to why people should not own guns.

The CDC has no business funding such studies. But since the nasty Democrats control the legislature, they will do whatever they can to steal freedoms away from people. They will even invent their fake studies and spend taxpayer money to develop something that they can push out as truth even though it is a bunch of nonsense.

The Democrats’ poisonous ideology that they fill minds with is why there are so much hatred and violence. Conservatives who reject liberal teachings are usually not engaging in deadly behaviors or shooting others with guns. They are the ones working their hands to the bone and living the American dream.

And since the CDC screwed up royally on the coronavirus issue, there is no reason to even trust their so-called expertise on matters of gun violence. They cannot even track down where one little virus came from. And there is no way they will ever be able to determine the root cause of gun violence.

The Democrats are looking for ways to attack freedom and the right to be an American. This study is just another avenue they can use to attack the rights that all Americans have violently.

The Trump haters have united, and they are going after every freedom that the Founding Fathers fought hard to win for all Americans. The CDC may soon be given the right to declare a health emergency because people own guns. The liberal lunacy only demands such action.

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