Instead Of Cancelling ‘Cancel Culture,’ We Can Just Cancel MLB

The misinformed media and ‘woke culture’ seem to be creeping into everything these days – now it’s baseball. The Major League Baseball recently announced that they would be moving two of their biggest sports events, which are the All-Star Game and the MLB Draft, out of Georgia due to the recently passed election bill. Radical left narratives have been seeping into corporations for quite some time now. First, it was Nike and their Kaepernick marketing, then Coca-Cola and their anti-white training, NFL, Disney, you name it. Corporations used to sell products and now they just push radical left propaganda.

MLB criticized the bill and said that it has “potential” to restrict voting access for people of color, yet they’ve not pointed out what part of the bill would contribute to such a thing. MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said that the league is now “finalizing a new host city” for their games and that there will be more announcements shortly. Manfred referenced the league’s 2020 alignment with the Civic Alliance, which is an organization that looks to actively participate in the voting process and provide fair access to voting. When Democrats say “fair voting,” they mean the votes for them.

President Biden, who called the bill “Jim Crow in the 21st century,” claimed that it would limit voting hours and ban people from drinking water in line while waiting to vote. He then went on ESPN to praise the MLB for moving their games out of Georgia and demand that any professional sports teams or corporations should boycott a state whose voter policies are “out of line.”

“I think today’s professional athletes are acting incredibly responsibly. I would strongly support them doing that. People look to them. They’re leaders. Look at what’s happened with the NBA as well, look at what’s happened across the board. The very people who are victimized the most are the people who are the leaders in these various sports. And it’s just not right. This is Jim Crow on steroids, what they’re doing in Georgia and 40 other states,” President Biden said.

Former President Donald Trump spoke out in response to this and criticized the ‘woke corporations’ for interfering with free elections. He suggested that U.S citizens should boycott baseball and all of the ‘woke companies’ who have been afraid of the radical left leaders fighting against voter I.D. He also suggested that many of these leagues and corporations that have aligned themselves with the Democrat Party are losing massive crowds.

ABC’s NBA, for example, hit record-lows and consistent steep declines last year. The NBA finals were down by 45% in total viewers, as well as the NHL’s Stanley Cup Final plummeting more than 60% for NBC Sports. Major League Baseball has also been struggling for quite some time now.

Fans suggested that the sports were getting too political. They witnessed athletes kneeling during the National Anthem, the NBA openly supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement throughout the year, and some teams even refusing to play games after the shooting of Jacob Blake. “People are tired of watching the highly political NBA. Basketball ratings are WAY down, and they won’t be coming back,” Trump previously tweeted.

At this point, liberals are trying to seep their narrative into anything and everything. Absolute power is the agenda and they’ll instill the fear of racism, sexism, lockdowns, and whatever else they want, to try and scare the American people into voting how they want. It was never about ‘fair voting’ to begin with.

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