Even Arnold Schwarzenegger Agrees That The Newsom Recall Isn’t ‘GOP-Driven’

Nearly 2 million signatures have been collected in an attempt to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom, but Democrats continue to ignore the voice of the people and suggest that any notions to run a back-up candidate is ‘unnecessary.’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Newsom, himself, have been on the frontlines of claiming the recall votes to be funded and supported by ‘anti-vaxxers’ and ‘pro-Trump supporters.’ They’ve called the recall to take Newsom out of office a purely partisan attack by Republicans. Newsom’s website lists the recall as a movement led by “a partisan, Republican coalition of national Republicans, anti-vaxxers, QAnon conspiracy theorists and anti-immigrant Trump supporters.” He even calls out right-wing groups such as the ‘Proud Boys’ for initiating the recall. A large portion of the data, however, tells a different story. Typical.

In statewide findings by the Probolsky Research Poll, they found that 44.5% of Latina voters said they would vote to recall Newsom from office, 41% said they would vote no, and about 14% voted that they were undecided. Latinos represent 41% of the state’s adult population and comprise about 55% of the state’s likely voters. 58% of the California Latino voters identify as Democrats while 16% identify as Republicans. About 20% of Latina voters have said they are independent. The rest of the voters have said they decline to state or identify with the “no party preference” voters. This destroys all claims Newsom and Pelosi have made in which this is a purely ‘Republican attack.’

“It really just speaks to the current state of affairs of Latinos being disproportionately impacted health-wise and economically by this pandemic. It’s important not to assume that it’s a partisan thing,” said Adam Probolsky, president of the nonpartisan opinion research firm.

Mike Madrid, a voting trend expert, also said that these results should not come as a surprise. He explains that the Latino community has been hit particularly hard by infection and death rates, as well as the economic impacts in their communities due to government-mandated shutdowns. “And the response for Latinos has been a failure. There’s no other way around it. This shows that,” he said.

Hastin Zylstra, a Santa Ana Democrat who owns a laundromat, says he voted for Newsom in 2018 but has signed the recall petition because he feels Newsom hasn’t done enough to help struggling small businesses. “I’m not anti-mask, I’m not anti-science,” he said.

Another notable political figure who is arguing against the recall claims being ‘GOP-driven’ is Arnold Schwarzenegger, the last Republican to hold office and governor of California from 2003. He says that the recall election has nothing to do with either party and everything to do with his arbitrary restrictions and unconstitutional lockdowns in response to COVID-19. His decisions destroyed the lives and businesses of millions of Californians.

There have been prolonged school closures while other states with higher cases reopened, vaccination site chaos, unemployment agency fraud in the millions, and the see-saw of opening and closing small businesses throughout the months. Newsom instilled stay-at-home orders while dining maskless at one of the most expensive restaurants in California, the French Laundry.

“This is the crazy thing here when they say it’s a ‘power grab’ of the Republicans. Let me tell you, the Republicans couldn’t even get anyone elected. It’s ludicrous – the Republican Party doesn’t exist. These are the signatures of the ordinary folks that have signed out,” Schwarzenegger said.

The former governor also warns that these elected officials are working in the same ignorant ways as they did two decades ago. He said there is always a high level of dissatisfaction with the people and then something, such as COVID-19, is the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back.’ He explained that voters just want effective leadership and post-partisan cooperation.

Newsom continues to ignore the facts that Democrats and independent voters dominate the state’s electorate and want him recalled. But the left only pushes the narrative they need. There’s no way around this story without twisting a few words…but the stats don’t lie.

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