Fox News Host Proves How Bad ‘Woke’ Culture is For Minorities

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld ripped into Teen Vogue senior social media manager and Conde Nast employee Christine Davitt during his monologue on “The Five” on Monday for her social media usage of the “n-word.”

Gutfeld made the case that Davitt, and all of “woke” culture is actually breaking down the sanctity and dignity of minority culture, instead of protecting it, as they so vehemently claim.

“Do you know who Christine Davitt is?” Gutfeld queried. “I do. I wish I didn’t. But she gave me no choice.

“She’s a senior social media manager at Conde Nast’s hate rag Teen Vogue, and has reportedly used the ‘N-word’ repeatedly in social media posts.”

Gutfeld is, of course, calling attention to not only an egregious social faux pas but an overt double standard at the iconic publishing agency that Davitt seems to be part of. He explained further:

“This all came to light after Christine helped lead the fight to fire the editor Alexi McCammond, for past racist tweets. It’s just as predicted: Christine cheered the ouster, even gloated online after the editor resigned — forgetting that she had her own past too.

“Yes, the beauty of woke envy, is that it can only work if you’re pure.”

Seeing that the publishing house is adhering to uniform standards and code of conduct across their company seems like the least a corporation could do, however, this particular social media manager seems to be unconcerned with whether she offends those of minority descent, or whether she does something others were fired for.

Gutfeld went on to make the point that if Davitt doesn’t lose her job it could well be identified (whether correctly or incorrectly) as racist, considering the fate that befell her coworker, saying “So if Conde Nast bowed to the mob, and forced one woman to resign, how can they give this woman a free ride for using the ‘N-word,’ repeatedly with other white people? She’s not Black, unlike McCammond.”

“If you don’t fire this Irish/Filipino woman after forcing the Black editor out, then that editor has a case for racial discrimination. But even more, when you deny forgiveness for others, what makes you think you suddenly deserve it, too?

Based on his previous statements on race and cancel culture it is likely that Gutfeld isn’t so much making the case that there should be no forgiveness, just that there should be consistency on what issues a company considers worthy of termination.

In general, conservatives have raged against the “it’s good enough for thee but not for me” mentality among the left who seem to be making up the rules as they go along.

“Unintended consequences are forgivable,” Gutfeld said. “But intended consequences aren’t, so when they happen, heads should roll. After all, perhaps the only way to kill a moral panic is to turn it on itself. Especially now that a magazine, and a planet, are being run by people with adolescent mentalities – and Twitter is a playground for their teen minds.”

Media organizations such as Conde Nast and others have been playing identity politics for years now, with little to no backlash from their readers. What concerns conservatives is that the subtle shifts in thinking that such reading materials are all too likely to bring will only damage not only racial relations but the fabric of polite society.

“Maybe now Christine sees the value of empathy and grace. But given that she and her coworkers just locked down their Twitter feed, I think all they feel now, is fear.”

Whether fixing this individual issue will make a substantial change or not remains to be seen, but consistency and common courtesy making a comeback is no doubt part of the larger change that is the only hope to save the civility of the current Western world.

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