Oppressive Omar Sides With Shooter and Declares Muslim Rule and Whites Drool

Democrats were hoping that the gunman was a white male with no ties to terrorist groups. So when his name was discovered, it sent most of the liberals scurrying back to their holes except Ilhan Omar.

The killer is Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa. The Muslim man took away all of the hopes and dreams of every gun-hating liberal.

Ilhan Omar remained behind to continue her perpetual blame of every little problem on the white man. She stated that “The shooter’s race or ethnicity seems front and center when they aren’t white. Otherwise, it’s just a mentally ill young man having a bad day. Narratives drive our responses to awful crimes committed against innocent people, pay attention to these responses and who is targeted.”

The lustful ignorant Muslim loving racist just did what she accused others of doing toward people of color. Her racist comment sought to throw all white males under the bus because one Muslim terrorist tried to knock off an entire block by shooting a grocery center.

The Democrats look for these opportunities to spin their political agenda. The suffering families would love to know what benefit could possibly be worth the torture that the left is trying to impose on the rest of the country. Their belief that a gun-free society will stop shootings is simply absurd. It is opening the country to more shootings because the threat of retaliation is no longer an option or threat.

Sick Omar took a walkout onto a wire to promote her hateful passion for the white man. Her political party cries that racism is a problem, and here she is barfing racist comments towards white people she has never even met. During her racist speech, she never gave any sign of compassion or sympathy towards the people who lost their loved ones.

All she was able to muster towards them was a heartless accusation. The little Muslim extremist loved to see the Americans dying at the hands of one of her unspoken Muslim brethren. Her political posturing and hatred for white men show how contemptuous she has become.

She sees the problem as one of racism. Since the man was white, she assumed that he should die because of his skin color. But since he is a fellow Muslim, it is okay with her to pursue gun control because she can no longer demand the crucifixion of the white killer.

Ilhan Omar is one of those Democrats that cannot seem to learn when to quit. Her countless scandals and illegal adventures have been overlooked for now, but the day of reckoning is coming. Her big mouth is going to get her into a heap of trouble because she just cannot leave well enough alone.

Bret Scher is a writer for The Washington Free Beacon. He stated that “This shooter’s race and ethnicity was front and center yesterday when we didn’t even know what it was and just assumed it was white.”

He stated it best that the Democrats jumped to conclusions that the killer was a white man on a shooting spree. They tried to spin the shooting as a racist event long before a motive was ever found. But now that the man is Muslim, Omar would love to see gun control issues take center stage to not focus on her terrorist brethren.

Ilhan Omar was just confident that the killer was a Trump supporter. But the minute she found out it was one of her own people, she quickly changed the narrative to focus on the weapon used. She just cannot be trusted to tell the truth about an event that happens. And until the liberals in America can learn to do what is suitable for the people, the country will continue to lose the greatness brought to it by Donald Trump.

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