Biden’s Dogs Get Twitter While Trump is Still Banned

It’s important to show the kind of activity that is allowed on Twitter. The @POTUS Twitter account is designed for the current president to speak openly. It’s a way to communicate with the American people.

After that, there are all sorts of other accounts that can be created.

Barack Obama has a Twitter account and identifies that he’s a former president.

Donald Trump had a Twitter account, but Twitter decided they didn’t want to hear about what the former president has to say.

Joe Biden, too, has a Twitter account, allowing him to communicate in a different way from the @POTUS account.

It seems that the social media platform has made it possible for the Democratic presidents to communicate easily – whether they’re in office or not.

Why is it that it’s so hard to allow an elected official a spot on Twitter? Trump may not be the president that the liberals wanted, but he’s the president that everyone got.

Instead, Twitter will continue to claim that Trump broke the terms and conditions. Jack Dorsey, the platform’s CEO, likes to use words like “misinformation” and “false claims” to explain why Trump’s account was permanently closed.

Meanwhile, Champ and Major, the “first dogs” of the White House, are actually given a Twitter account.

What is wrong with the world when dogs are given an account but a former president is not?

@first_dogs_usa is the Instagram account where the two German Shepherds can share their adventures, announcing that they are the “family puppers.” Meanwhile, they’re also given a Twitter account at FirstDogsWH.

Really? Why is it that dogs are capable of tweeting without breaking any terms and conditions? We don’t know what Champ and Major actually think about being in the White House. For all we know, they think that their dad is an idiot – just like countless Americans around the country.

The account may allow us to be lied to every day because the dogs talk about their adventures around Washington DC and beyond. This is perfectly acceptable.

Twitter is fine with terrorists, dogs, and other questionable entities holding accounts. They can choose to tweet about anything and everything. They can share photos, videos, and more.

Then, as soon as Donald Trump wants to tweet, they decide to ban his account – and he hasn’t been granted permission to have another account.

Although @RealDonaldTrump had millions of followers, Twitter chose to issue a permanent suspension. He wasn’t allowed to learn from his mistakes. And, he wasn’t allowed to open a new account with a new handle. Instead, the platform decided that they simply didn’t want to hear what Trump had to say any longer.

Free speech is a constitutional right. More importantly, an elected official should have the ability to speak freely. Although Trump is no longer president, he should still get a voice. Obama and other presidents have been able to speak up through social media.

The reality is that the liberal media simply doesn’t want to hear what Trump has to say. They don’t want to hear the truth. They don’t want to be reminded that he was a better president than the bumbling idiot that is currently residing in the Oval Office.

The liberals tried to impeach Trump over inciting the Capitol Riot. While he was impeached, he was not indited. This means that Trump being banned from Twitter for inciting the Capitol Riot should not hold. If Congress claims he can’t be charged, then Twitter should stand down, too.

The liberals have allowed Twitter to be the judge, jury, and executioner of the constitutional right. Freedom of speech? Only if Jack Dorsey grants it so.

It’s only a matter of time before Trump gets his voice back – and it will be on his own social media platform. At that point, he’ll have the ability to speak and it will be the First Dogs who will have to be silenced – as it should be.

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