CNN Producer Calls Out The Network For Its ‘Dangerous Rherotic’ Regarding Gun Control

Week after week, left-leaning media outlets have continued plummeting in their viewership ratings and getting called out for hateful rhetoric. MSNBC segments just hit record lows on many segments on their show and CNN has gone on a dangerous rampage using manipulative wordplay to push extreme gun control narratives. Things have gotten so unspeakably bad that even former CNN digital producer Steve Krakauer has called out his old network to “step in” and stop one of their hosts, Don Lemon, from continuing with his rants.

Krakauer retweeted a segment of CNN where Don Lemon was calling out Americans and claiming that “every single one of us is just playing the odds at this point” when talking about gun violence, suggesting that every American is in danger of getting shot at any time. He immediately brought up the National Suicide Prevention Line before cutting to a break. “Someone at CNN needs to step in. This hyperbole isn’t just offensive, it’s actually dangerous,” Krakauer wrote.

The commentary comes after the mass shooting at a Boulder, Colorado grocery store that left ten people dead, including a law enforcement officer, earlier this week. Lemon was demanding for more gun control measures as deadly shootings in the country get “worse and worse” while asking Americans if they really want to keep playing those odds. He also brought up the pandemic, noting that a “mass death of nearly 550,000 Americans” has occurred already, and asked his viewers when they will ever learn. He kept pausing for dramatic effect between his words.

“The odds that in a country of 325 million souls that we won’t be the ones who get hit by the next bullets that start flying. We won’t be the one that gets that phone call about someone you love who did. That phone call that changes your life,” Lemon said.

NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck also called out the CNN host for the accompanying headlines, adding that CNN must truly hate their viewers. A few of the headlines read “Too many on the right don’t have the courage to stand up for our lives, but they’ll take away for vote” and “Too many on the right flaunt their devotion to the weapons taking American lives.” This is exactly what the radical left pushes throughout all of their media network platforms. They push the fear that you could get shot based on how you vote and even suggest that ‘mass shootings’ will start up again just as pandemic restrictions are being lifted.

Houck also pointed out another headline that read “You know what happens after every mass shooting? Another mass shooting,” adding that you could say this about anything tragic, such as car accidents, divorce, domestic violence, suicides, etc. Lemon is making it seem like you are “playing the odds” by walking into a grocery store, going to school, crossing the street, etc, and adding mass shootings to the list. After pushing all of these fear tactics, Lemon then urged viewers to call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline if they feel they might be “dealing with mental health issues.”

Lemon also called out a handful of GOP politicians including Sen. Ted Cruz, Rep. Lauren Boebert, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Sen. John Kennedy, and Rep. Madison Cawthorn for “playing politics with our lives.” He said they are willing to do anything about the “gun violence that is killing us,” without expressing any sort of preservation of America’s second amendment.

While GOP politicians push for protection of the Second Amendment and commonsense gun measures, the radical left is trying to push the fear that “bullets will be flying” and there will be “more mass shootings” without gun reform. They make no mention of the fact that criminals illegally obtain these weapons and that no amount of gun control will stop a criminal from committing heinous acts. Gun reform only strips law-abiding Americans from protecting themselves. But that’s too much commonsense for a liberal to understand.

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