“My Son Hunter” Will Be The Film That Changes How We See Media Coverage Today

While the movie industry has had an incredibly slow year, two conservative filmmakers have been working hard daily on their new film “My Son Hunter,” which will be centered around the life of Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s 51-year-old son, as well as his corrupt business dealings and scandalous lifestyle. The film is expected to take place in Serbia over the summer but casting roles have yet to be announced.

Phelim McAleer announced the film with his wife Ann McElhinney and said it will include revelations from Hunter’s “laptop from hell” as well as blow the lid off Biden corruption. The filmmaking couple also produced films such as ‘Gosnell,’ which recognized the murder of the pre-born, and ‘ObamaGate,’ a film about Obama’s spying on Trump and recognized as one of the “biggest political crimes in American history.”

The Irish filmmakers recently announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign that aims to raise $2.5 million for the film and talked about how the mainstream media has been trying to suppress Hunter’s allegations over shady business dealings and things found on his laptop, adding that they will be doing what journalists are not.

They talked about the federal probe against Hunter and his “tax affairs,” as well as his unethical activity in several business dealings in Ukraine and China, including several boards he sat on. One of those stories will dig into claims about Hunter Biden sitting on the board of a Ukrainian energy firm while Joe was still vice president under the Obama administration. The couple raised nearly 10% of the funds on day one alone.

“Somebody has to tell this story, so we decided to make this movie. People need to know this story. It’s about some of the most powerful people in the country. Nobody knows it. But it’s shocking. This is a story about a family – but is it a story about a crime family also? I think it is, from the research we were doing,” McAleer said.

McAleer and McElhinney shared in a statement that Hollywood and cancel culture have created a toxic atmosphere in which people are genuinely scared of losing their livelihood, as well as frightened that violent mobs would come after them.

“People at the mainstream media like the New York Times and CNN, NBC, CBS, all these places, you know, were just completely quiet in advance of the election despite the fact that this amazing bombshell was dropped into our laps on this laptop. I would argue, they were worse. They actually intimidated other journalists from uncovering the story,” McElhinney said.

The film is expected to reveal one of the biggest stories that Hollywood media and Big Tech looked to suppress right before the presidential election last year. An image of the film’s announcement shows President Biden and Hunter alongside the US and Chinese flags with a pair of pole dancers in the background. The title reads, “My Son Hunter: The Family Comes First.”

The filmmakers add that the election was stolen in a “very transparent way by the media interfering to suppress the truth,” citing one example when the New York Post’s Twitter account was closed down over the Biden laptop scandal. “We did not come to this country for this sort of suppression of the truth. And so this is our duty, actually, as immigrants, as immigrants who are doing a job that Americans just won’t do, to tell this story,” McElhinney adds.

We’ve always known that the media is a bunch of propaganda networks pushing a left-wing agenda that most people aren’t even aware exists – but this film should start to change that.

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