Twitter Finally Admits That One Of Their Censoring Tactics Was ‘In Error’

Back in January, GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was locked out of her Twitter account for 12 hours after the Big Tech company claimed she “violated the civic integrity policy,” similar to the guidelines they used when removing and censoring over 70,000 conservative accounts, including former president Donald Trump who was indefinitely banned from the platform. The company’s policies were updated shortly after the incident at the U.S Capitol. Such convenient timing…

Twitter accused Greene’s account of “spreading election misinformation” following her claims of fraudulent activity in the 2020 November presidential election and widespread voter fraud in the Jan 5. Senate runoffs in Georgia. She constantly supported Trump’s efforts to investigate the election and question election officials on the process.

While Greene’s account could still be viewed by users, tweets could not be replied to, retweeted, or liked due to a “risk of violence.” Greene called on Congress to “act swiftly” in order to protect free speech in America against Big Tech Companies. She encouraged her fellow GOP lawmakers to fight against the “DC Swamp” in order to protect the American people instead of playing political games.

“Conservative Americans shouldn’t be afraid to speak their mind. They shouldn’t have to fear being canceled by American corporations where they work, do business, and use services. They shouldn’t be scared into submission by Socialists who want to end their way of life,” Greene said.

While some GOP members criticized her campaign, others pointed out that she’s just being brutally honest against Republicans who have joined the ‘DC swamp.’ She wrote a piece dedicated to her colleagues on why she is outraged over Democrats destroying the country and Republicans staying silent during the ‘woke’ movement. She adds that she didn’t get voted into office by politicians, but that she serves The People.

“It’s unfortunate that some of my GOP colleagues, who have been in Congress a lot longer than me, don’t share the outrage that Republican voters feel about the Democrat’s radical agenda! As if a $1.9 trillion dollar woke progressive spending spree with only 9% to covid isn’t enough. Dems destroying women’s rights and sports, wiping out religious freedoms, defunding the police, HR1, and erasing gender completely,” the piece reads.

Greene goes on to write her frustration over some of her GOP colleagues that don’t share the same outrage. She was removed from her committee posts last month by a vote of 230-199.

She was temporarily restricted from using her Twitter account a second time after 73 Democrats and 11 Republicans voted last week to try and expel her completely from Congress. They said she was still spouting these claims of ‘election misinformation’ and ‘conspiracy theories,’ which also addressed the history of child trafficking.

Greene had posted a screenshot of her Twitter account, noting that she could still browse the platform but was barred from tweeting, retweeting, or liking posts. Her office blasted the move as “another attempt by the Silicon Valley Cartel to silence voices that speak out against their far-left woke orthodoxy.”

“Today Democrats are introducing a resolution to EXPEL me from Congress. And all of a sudden overnight, Twitter suspended me at 1 am for 12 hours for absolutely no reason, with no explanation. They’re doing everything they can to silence me because I am a threat to the Swamp!”

However, Twitter recently admitted that the second temporary ban of Greene’s account was a mistake and that they gave no explanation as to why the account had been suspended. A spokesperson released a statement explaining that while they use a combination of technology and human review to enforce Twitter Rules, the automated systems had taken enforcement actions on Greene’s account that were “referenced in error.” They wrote that the action has been reversed and Green was reinstated access to her account.

So, Twitter suspended Rep. Greene the exact same day Democrats introduced a resolution to expel her from Congress. Talk about silencing the conservative voice. Again, such convenient timing…

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