Mayor Bill de Blasio Isn’t Too Ecstatic That His Face Is On A Dartboard In Cuomo’s House

Things have turned into some sort of ‘high-school’ style revenge between New York’s most popular democratic leaders. Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo seem to have been in an ongoing feud ever since 2014, when de Blasio took office. But since last year they’ve both become increasingly vocal over their dueling pandemic priorities, in everything from COVID-19 lockdowns to vaccine distribution. Just last week Mayor de Blasio even called on the governor to resign, adding that “he can no longer do the job.”

Mayor de Blasio has become more outspoken over the last few months regarding Cuomo’s consistent bullying and believing he can take whatever he wants from New York City and “get away with it politically.” He even asked how Cuomo could go on doing his job regarding the stack of scandals against him, including multiple allegations of sexual harassment from eight accusers and underreporting COVID-19 nursing home deaths in order to avoid “public scrutiny.”

The most recent brawl occurred after Lindsey Boylan, the first woman to accuse Cuomo of sexual harassment back in December, told The New Yorker that Cuomo had a picture of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s face on a dartboard in the pool house at his Albany mansion. “I couldn’t believe how brazen that was,” she adds. Cuomo and his administration have declined to comment on the existence of any dartboard in his home.

Reporter Mark Morales asked Mayor de Blasio during a recent press conference if he had any reactions to the dartboard claim, in which he fired back with an insult of his own referencing to Cuomo being obsessed with the size of his hands. He asked how Cuomo “with those big, big hands” could hold such “tiny, tiny darts.” He quickly switched gears after the joke to call the whole thing ‘juvenile’ and like ‘frat house humor.’

“It’s not something you would like to see from someone who has serious leadership responsibilities, but it is what it is,” de Blasio said.

Morales then asked if he had any other personal experiences to expand on regarding the governor, in which de Blasio said he was not going to add anything specific that he hasn’t said already, but that Cuomo’s consistent pattern of bad behavior has had an impact on the lives of millions of New Yorkers. He also commented on Cuomo’s behavior getting ‘worse and worse’ and using taxpayer-funded efforts by his administration to try and smear the women who have come forward.

Mayor de Blasio also brought up the continued controversy and federal probe surrounding the nursing home deaths. “We still don’t have the truth about that. And their families need and deserve to know the truth. We know one thing: We know there was a purposeful cover-up and that alone is unacceptable and disqualifying,” he said.

Now that Mayor de Blasio is working on the New York Police Department fighting ‘hate crimes’ by having officers knock on doors, he can send one over to Cuomo’s house and reprimand him. It’s always interesting to watch Democrats turn on their own.

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