Even AOC And Her ‘Squad’ Have Nothing To Say About Biden’s Border Crisis

All last year, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was attacking then-President Trump and his administration for putting “kids in cages” at the southern border and comparing the situation to the Holocaust, accusing Trump of running ‘mass concentration camps.’ The United States currently has the highest number of ‘kids in cages’ in Customs & Border Protection history and Democrats have all grown silent. If this isn’t the absolute peak level of hypocrisy, then I don’t know what is.

Now that things are run under the Biden Administration, AOC, ’The Squad,’ and even mainstream media have been oddly silent over the reopening of Texas migrant facilities and the surge of illegal immigrants crossing the border. Homeland Security agents have deemed the situation at the border a “crisis” and with higher rates of illegal immigrants trying to cross the border than recorded in over 20 years.

AOC, who posted dozens of tweets last year regarding the situation at the border, has only tweeted twice about the current crisis at the border. Once, on Feb. 23, in response to a story regarding the reopening of children migrant facilities under Biden, and a second time In response to dealing with the surge of migrant children crossing the border. Both times she did not use the terms “cages,” “concentration camps,” or “internment camps,” which is proof that the Democrats only enjoyed ‘word salad’ under the Trump Administration.

AOC slightly condemned President Biden about the migrant facilities, writing that it is never okay “no matter the administration or party,” but continued in saying that the “fraught, unjust immigration system” will not transform in that time. This is similar to how White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki defended Biden’s stance on the border crisis, adding that their administration inherited a ‘broken system.’ Even when Trump is out of office, Democrats find a way to blame him.

In 2019, Ocasio-Cortez even had pictures of her crying in front of an empty parking lot near a migrant detention center. Conservative pundit Candace Owens called out the pictures for being a staged photoshoot and slammed AOC for not even seeing or being near any of the ‘children in cages.’ Still, CBP has seen a 28% increase at the border in January and over 100,000 individuals in February, with numbers that continue to rise. Where’s AOC’s new crying pics?

She got called out by everyone pretty quickly.

Even Rep. Ilhan Omar, a notable member of ‘The Squad,’ spent all last year attacking the Trump Administration for running concentration camps and the U.S ‘losing our moral high ground’ has changed her tone under the Biden Administration. In a letter she wrote to Susan Rice, director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, she asked the Administration to “end contracts between the federal government and localities,” as well as phase out the use of private prisons for immigration detention. That is much more polite than her multiple tweets about Trump’s wall being a ‘monument of racism.’

More people are seeing every day that the radical left and fake news platforms have nothing to say. Under the Biden Administration, things at the border have turned into a nightmare. Migrant facilities have bypassed COVID-19 guidelines in order to detain 4,000 kids and growing. Children have reported that they haven’t seen sunlight in days, are being denied access to a shower, are sleeping on concrete floors, and haven’t been able to call their family members. Over 3,000 of those kids have also passed the 3-day legal limit to be held at the facilities.

But hey, remember when CNN reported that Trump made the cover of Times Magazine for “brutal gambits” at the border in 2018? Where’s the new cover for Biden?

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