Former Congressman Reveals How Deep the Corruption Goes…

By now, you likely have some idea of just how corrupt much of our government is. I mean, how just and honest is a system that successfully stole an entire national election and got away with it?

And we all know that mainstream or traditional media had a huge hand to play in that.

Time and time again, when rumors would abound about some not-so-great thing Joe Biden or his son Hunter Biden had done got out, the media was quick to cover it up with another story, usually, something that painted Trump in a bad light.

It is only through newer, less traditional media sources, primarily digitally based outlets such as podcasts, online articles, blogs, and social media platforms, that the American people even found out about some of these coverups. And the fact that we have is a sign that the establishment media is losing its grip on the perceived narrative and what they like to call truth.

We are learning just what is actually happening in our government. And most of it isn’t all that good.

So just how far does government corruption go?

Well, according to an interview with former US Congressman Justin Amash of Michigan, it’s nothing like it used to be and far from what you or I would imagine.

The interview was, of course, covered not by mainstream media but by Michael Malice’s podcast “Your Welcome” and described a Washington that Amash was so ashamed of he had to leave.

For Amash and many others, getting into politics wasn’t about the desire to rule or get attention. It wasn’t even about getting to write laws or impact legislation for the better, although that would be a perk.

Instead, Amash says that he got into politics to “expose” the system for the corruption it contains.

He told Malice, “A big part of the reason I got into politics was because I don’t like politicians. I always believed the system was corrupt, and I got into it to expose it.”

However, as he went on to explain, it’s far more corrupt than even he could have ever imagined.

Amash said, “I wasn’t expecting all these high-minded people who are trying to do right for the public, or anything like that. It ended up being more corrupt and just more agenda driven than I expected.”

For starters, “There just aren’t that many people who care about policies, or ideas, or a functional system.” For most, Amash says, it’s about getting their agenda accomplished or their election won than any specific legislation or even the details of that legislation.

The former congressman also notes that Congress doesn’t even really write legislation anymore or amend it. It’s all just passed down from the establishment and rubber-stamped for approval.

“We don’t even amend legislation anymore. There’s no amending legislation – it’s all handed to you, it’s top down. It’s very orchestrated. I would say that it’s mostly like some kind of entertainment programming for people.”

And that means there’s no real representation of the people, at least not in most cases.

Amash says it’s really just a “show that is put on to give you the perception that there is a representative government. And that’s not what’s happening.”

And to make matters even worse, Amash says it’s all scripted. And I mean all of it.

“It really is scripted. Like literally, committee hearings, the high-profile ones, when you watch ones of these big committee hearings that like CNN or Fox News is covering – they say we’re going to have a committee hearing – those things are literally scripted. Like, you are handed a script the day before and told to read the script and not to stray from it.”

No matter how good their initial intentions, most Congress members end up just reading the script and following along.


Well, as Amash explains, there are consequences if you don’t.

“I was getting kicked off of committees just for not toeing the line. Like, if I didn’t vote with Paul Ryan enough, so I’d get kicked off a committee.”

If you “go against the leadership,” if you “don’t donate money to the party,” if you go off-script, you’ll get pulled from committees, black-listed and left without PAC or sponsorship funding, and exiled from fundraisers and dinners.

For most, “They’re in it because it’s a good gig, they get paid well, and they don’t really have to think. So they follow the script, they do what they’re told, and the paycheck comes in and they get re-elected.”

Not exactly what you imagined, huh? Then again, maybe you did. Congress hasn’t very representative in recent years, and it shows.

But you can bet that as more stories like this are leaked to the public, the more we will begin to cry out for a Congress that we can actually trust.

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