Texas Gov. Abbott Fights Harris County Fraud With New Voting Measures

In a massive election reform bill, known as the ‘For the People Act,’ Democrats have been trying to lock in their political control, as well as manipulate and steal election results. Their priorities aren’t around fighting COVID-19, getting kids back to school, reopening businesses, or even supposedly “fighting climate change.” Their number one priority is to keep Democrats in power. The fraudulent activity of the 2020 presidential elections revealed that.

In an attempt to rig future votes, Democrats have been pushing the H.R. 1 ‘For the People Act,’ which would shift control of elections from cities and states to Washington D.C, as well as making mass mail-in ballots permanent, launch automatic voter registration, allow same-day registration, expand voting rights to felons, and not require identification to vote.

While Sen. Mike Lee slammed the voting expansion bill for being “the devil himself” and Sen. Ted Cruz called it “the universal fraud law,” other GOP lawmakers like Gov. Greg Abbott have started pushing to ban election reforms that have been pushed in the state since the 2020 presidential elections.

Gov. Greg Abbott and Texas Sen. Paul Bettencourt met during a virtual press conference to discuss Senate Bill 7, a legislative piece that would ban any voting measures that Harris County implemented or attempted to implement last year. It would ban 24-hour voting, the expansion of voting hours, drive-through voting, and end the mass mailing of vote-by-mail ballots. The bill would look to impose stricter ID requirements, limit pro-voter registration, allow for more voter roll purges, and strip absentee ballots.

“Our objective is very simple, and that is to ensure that every eligible voter gets to vote. It’s also to ensure that only eligible voters are the ones that count at the ballot box. Whether it’s the unauthorized expansion of mail-in ballots, or the unauthorized expansion of drive-thru voting, we must pass laws to prevent election officials from jeopardizing the election process,” Gov. Abbott said.

Last year, the Texas Attorney General’s Office closed on 16 prosecutions of voter fraud for 2020. While this may seem like a low number or that voter fraud is still “just a myth,” the office closed cases on just 150 defendants for election fraud between 2004 and November 2020. It’s only growing worse each year.

Like many other states, Texas Republicans are introducing these measures to tighten election laws following the fraudulent activity surrounding the 2020 presidential election. While former US Attorney General William Barr claimed the Justice Department found “no evidence” of extensive fraud, Texas is still one of the 43 states introducing restrictive bills to curtail voting. There are currently 253 election integrity bills being introduced in these states.

These measures came after several states mailed thousands of ballots to dead voters, allowed ballots to be counted up to three days after Election Day, and Republicans were escorted out of rooms and away from the ballot counting process.

If there were was ‘no evidence of voter fraud’ as Democrats claimed, then they wouldn’t have felt the need to propose the ‘For The People Act’ at all. Election officials have a duty to ensure that elections are secure and every legal vote counts.

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