Is Low Testosterone to Blame for More Liberals?

Why is it that there seem to be more liberals than ever? And, why is it that things that have been around for decades are now, suddenly, being claimed as being offensive? How is it that statues that have stood for a century are only now being declared as racist or demeaning?

It may have to do with low testosterone levels.

There seems to be a lack of masculinity across the board. Men without sufficient levels of testosterone are considered “soft.” So, is it possible that the reason for the new, liberal way of thinking because of insufficient testosterone levels?

Various studies over the years have actually pointed to the possibility that many who are liberal have lower than average levels of the hormone. In fact, Dr. Dareld Morris, a physician in Florida, used this to his advantage in the 2016 presidential election.

Dr. Morris ran an ad that explained that low testosterone leads to a chemical imbalance. It can have a negative effect on the mental state and cause problems with the ability to focus and think clearly. He went on by providing a special. For any men thinking about voting for Hillary Clinton, he was offering a free testosterone test.

Since 2016, the idea has gained a lot of extra steam. Being identified as having “Low-T” is an insult that is often used. Matt Gaetz, a Representative out of Florida, even suggested that Jeff Sessions, the attorney general at the time, had started “taking those supplements for Low-T.”

Testosterone is a misunderstood hormone since it is present in both men and women. It is commonly associated with men, however. It taps into the basis of being a man and the insecurities that go with it. As soon as someone is attacked for not having enough testosterone, they’re deemed as not being manly, lacking the ability to be assertive, and even being unable to satisfy someone sexually.

Plenty of Republicans like to have their fun by throwing around the insult. Liberals like to claim that it’s all false.

There is scientific evidence to back up the Republican claims, however. In 2007m a study was conducted to show that the testosterone levels in the main population are dropping. Men who were 50 in 1988 had considerably higher levels of testosterone than men who were 50 in 1996.

The study proves that men are becoming “softer.”

Another study showed that testosterone levels are declining dramatically from generation to generation – and that by 2100, they could be at dangerous levels that will lead to more health problems.

Of course, big pharma is stepping in to solve the problem by offering testosterone boosters. For those to work, though, it would require men to admit that they have a problem – and that isn’t usually done because of it being an issue with pride.

As a result, we have a new generation of men who aren’t quite as manly as they were a generation ago. They are more likely to fall into the movements created by the liberals. Rather than standing their ground and allowing their opinions to be heard, they join the masses. They allow themselves to be brainwashed.

Suddenly, we end up with people being offended. They’re offended by statues. They’re offended by cartoons. They’re offended by everything.

In the past, if someone were offended, they would just let it go. It’s part of American freedoms. No one is forcing them to walk by the statue or watch the cartoon or read the book. They can choose not to be offended by not participating in what they find offensive.

The Democratic Party, however, complete with their low testosterone levels, allow everything to get out of control. They’ve allowed the cancel culture to be offended and to take action. Now, if it offends one, it must be removed. We as a nation have become soft. Why? Because the people leading the march are soft, and we must all pay for their battles with Low-T.

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