If Republicans Are Ready To Cancel Anything, It Should Be The Term ‘Super-Spreader’

For weeks, left-leaning media platforms attacked this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference and its leaders for leading the definition of a “super-spreader event.” They accused former President Trump, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, and Republican leaders of potentially signaling a new surge of COVID-19 cases in the area. They mocked Republicans for leading a state of “oasis freedom” without restrictions and claimed it would result in rising cases, more deaths, and exhausted health care workers. Of course, they couldn’t be further from the truth.

Florida has been a known hotspot of infections throughout the COVID-19 pandemic but has seen cases dramatically drop more than -11.5% since the event was held. New cases have totaled below 5,000 for five consecutive days and followed the trend since the first week of January. Gov. DeSantis has strongly opted against Biden’s call for imposing a new round of coronavirus-related restrictions if necessary. Talk about “ignoring the science.” Weren’t liberals the ones talking about following it?

While a majority of Florida’s senior citizens have received the vaccine, Gov. DeSantis said during a news conference in Sebastian that Florida residents who are 60 and older will be soon eligible to receive the vaccine. He noted that the age of eligibility would likely lower to 55 and older, before finally opening up to all adults sometime in April.

“We are not going to let him lock down Florida. To even contemplate doing any type of lockdown, honestly, it’s insane. And so that’s not gonna happen in the state of Florida. We like the fact that people are able to work here. We like the fact that we have been able to save thousands, thousands of businesses and save people’s livelihoods,” Gov. DeSantis said.

For months, the media has promised more hotspots and spiking cases in Florida following the reopening of their state. Liberals have lashed out against the reopening of theme parks, opening up professional sports teams, having the Super Bowl in the Tampa area, and the CPAC. They’ve also claimed to find “mutated variants” of COVID-19 in a more contagious strain, yet none of these things have contributed to any spikes or higher infection rates in the state.

The Super Bowl, for example, said there were less than 60 cases associated with the event. 53 were traced within the state and four were out-of-state cases. The Florida Department of Health in Hillsborough County researchers noted that the Super Bowl wasn’t a significant contributor to any new COVID-19 cases in the state. 

Florida has also seen plunging death rates since last December and has vaccinated almost 4 million people to date. Nearly 3 million of those have been senior citizens who are 65 and older.

Gov. DeSantis also filed an executive order to cancel any COVID-19 fines that were imposed by the local government on people and businesses. The order reads that the fines were warranted because of “unprecedented local government restrictions” over the last year. This does not cancel fines imposed on health care providers, assisted living facilities, or hospitals.

The numbers are proof that the term ‘super-spreaders never has been and never will be. Trying to cancel Easter won’t be on the liberal’s wishlist this year.

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