The Biden Administration Turns A Blind Eye To Organized Crime At The Border

The Biden Administration has gone under fire for its handling of moving more than 3,200 children into holding facilities and an estimated 117,000 solo minors set to enter the United States by the end of the year. U.S Customs and Border Protection officials have noted more than 100,000 migrants crossing the southern border, compared to less than 40,000 last February.

While the White House has denied that there is any crisis at the border, videos reveal hundreds of migrants waiting to cross the Rio Grande into Texas. Numbers have almost tripled and President Biden has yet to address the situation or visit the border himself.

Jaeson Jones, a previous captain in the Intelligence and Counterterrorism Division of the Texas Department of Public Safety, has been covering the situation at the border. He claims that the dozens of migrants crossing the river everyday are people who have just paid the Peso or tax to the Cartel in an attempt to join an independent smuggling group that is working directly for a Cartel. Mexican intelligence officials have called the smuggling methods “incentivized migration,” noting that the cartels began implementing these methods and techniques from the day Biden took office.

Cartels have even been communicating with migrants and training them over social media to register “complaints” with officials that they are being targeted by street gangs.

“You’re literally seeing a handoff from a criminal organization, that is responsible for thousands of murders in Mexico, handing these people off to a U.S. law enforcement officer,” Jones said.

Even Mexican officials have noted concerns over Biden’s new asylum policies and said they have been “stoking illegal immigration and creating business for organized crime.” Mexican President Andres Manual Lopez noted that many illegal immigrants see President Biden as the “migrant president” and will use him to reach the United States. He warned the Biden Administration that they need to work together to regulate the flow of people at the border and that this issue cannot just be tackled one day after the next.

Health and Human Service facility caretakers even stopped requiring migrant children from having to prove their immigration status, a reversal of a Trump policy, meant to shorten the length of their stay in overcrowded facilities. There are currently 1,400 children who have remained in custody and past the 72-hour limit in small rooms without beds, sailing past record numbers of solo minors in custody. Other officials have noted that the surge is expected to increase over the next few months, indicating a “peak season for illegal immigration.”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, however, has insisted that the “large flow of children” crossing the border has been a “humanely” approach to immigration, despite Border Patrol not testing migrants for coronavirus at the border.

President Biden has also promised a $4 billion plan that would tackle immigration “at its roots” and make Latin American countries a safer place to live. He plans to restart the Central American Minors program, which would allow minors to apply for refugee settlement in the U.S from their home countries and have narrowed ICE priorities for arrests and deportations.

The Biden Administration has made it abundantly clear that they have no interest in protecting the U.S citizens having problems paying bills and are more involved in illegal immigrants receiving ballots in the mail and being largely supported by government-led programs. No one is saying immigrants can’t come to the U.S – but you become a citizen the legal way.

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