Cuomo Gets Away With Saying He Is ‘Black On The Inside’ On National TV

CNN’s Chris Cuomo is under fire for making a rather racist comment to fellow host Don Lemon. Cuomo was singing the words to the theme for the show “Good Times,” which was a show about a black family living in a public housing project in Chicago. The CBS show lasted from 1974-1979. Lemon asked Cuomo “How do you know the words ‘Good Times?” in which Cuomo responded, “You know I’m black on the inside.” Social media critics immediately lashed out against Cuomo while Lemon remained abnormally quiet and skipped the comment.

“Weird how Don Lemon, who sees racism everywhere if a Republican is involved, gives his buddy a total pass on this,” tweeted journalist Megyn Kelly.

Other Twitter critics joked and said commentators were misreading what he meant by being “b black on the inside.” They insinuated that he has a “black soul” or a “black heart,” along with fighting for the award of ‘Worst Cuomo Brother.” His brother, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, is currently under investigation for false COVID-19 reporting and five sexual harassment claims. Numerous politicians and leaders are calling for him to resign.

Sister2Sister magazine managing editor Aisha Staggers wrote how incredibly offensive Cuomo was in making the comment, adding that “Black is not a costume.” Liberals, including writer Robin DiAngelo who helped write a “be less white” inclusion training, are making it bad to be white and then turning the tables to make people who are not black or brown feel bad about themselves. If anyone is horrible at inclusion, it’s the Democrat Party.

After making the comment, Cuomo turned the conversation to talking about covering the Chicago and Cabrini-Green housing projects at one point in his career. He talked about the “killing fields” between those projects and used it as an opportunity to plug crime into the COVID-19 relief bill. “It really makes me worried about where we are and that’s why this relief bill matters so much. We’ve got to get people out of the grip of poverty right now,” he said.

Lemon then spun the conversation to blame Republicans for trying to pass election integrity legislation, saying that they were going back to “voting restrictions” and “Jim Crow.” CNN has seen a dwindling audience over the last year, largely due to their continued employment of Lemon and Cuomo. They pretend to identify with people living in adversity without reflecting any views or opinions of everyday Americans.

First, Sen. Elizabeth Warren claimed she was “Native American” for nearly two decades and now Cuomo is claiming to be ‘black on the inside.’ There’s a pattern with the hypocrisy of the Democratic elite and it has nothing to do with starting a race war against Republicans.

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