2 More Months of Protection in DC…But Why?

Enough is enough. The members of the National Guard want to go home. It’s one thing for them to have a mission – help with COVID testing, protect against a national security threat, something. Yet, the Democrats continue to demand their presence only for them to stand around and do nothing.

There is no mission. The troops have been simply ordered to be present. That’s not enough. Even the troops have been whispering that it’s odd not to have any kind of orders.

Originally, they were there due to the riots of January 6. Then, they stayed on for the inauguration of Joe Biden. Democrats estimated that the troops would be out by mid-March.

Capitol Police have asked them to extend their mission for another 60 days.

But why?

No one is offering answers. According to Representative Elissa Slotkin, a Democrat out of Michigan who is on the House Armed Services Committee, the states are being solicited to send contributions.

Many states have been pulling their troops back. The simple reason is that there’s no need for them to be in DC. If they’re not going to be given a mission, there’s no need to keep them there.

The National Guard works differently than the rest of the military. These are the weekenders. They’re only activated when there’s an imminent threat. Otherwise, they work normal jobs and they live their lives – often significantly distanced from a military base.

The only thing the Democrats are doing at this point is keeping members of the National Guard away from their families. Oh, and they’re spending a fortune for this added protection.

Slotkin has tweeted that the current “mission” ends on March 12, allowing some to go home. However, with the new request from the Capitol Police, it appears that those going home are only going to be replaced by others who will get to stand around DC, camp in parking garages, and be subjected to moldy food.

Reports have shown that the National Guard members have been treated less than ideally. Michigan guard members were reportedly being fed meals with metal shavings and undercooked meat. Other members have shared photos of moldy bread and other problems with the food.

For the millions of dollars being used to keep the men and women in place, shouldn’t they at least be fed and treated like the valuable Americans they are? And, after that, shouldn’t they be given a mission to warrant their presence?

The Capitol Police have said that they have intelligence that identifies that there may be a militant group plotting to breach the Capitol.

Whether this information is accurate or not is being investigated. There’s always the “wait and see” tactic, though that sounds dangerous as it could lead to extensive damages as well as injuries.

The House has chosen to cancel their agenda for the rest of the week in the event that there is going to be any events at the Capitol. Meanwhile, the Senate is still in session in the attempt to pass the coronavirus bill sent over by the House.

There are still close to 5,000 troops present in DC. Even if there was going to be another militant group attempting to breach the Capitol, 5,000 troops is a significant presence. It may be so many troops that they would hinder instead of help a situation. There’s also the question of whether they are able to use any force necessary to ensure everyone stands down.

Either the Democrats are planning on bankrupting the country with having a constant National Guard presence in DC throughout Biden’s presidency or they know more about security threats than they’re letting on. Either way, they’re not being fair to the troops. Give a defined mission or let them go home where they can be with their families. And they may have to consider hiring more Capitol Police as states are tired of making “contributions.”

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