Mental Health Issues in Teens Skyrocket as Biden Ignores the Problem

Biden hasn’t had a solo press conference and he’s closing in on the halfway point of his first 10 days. He’s still trying to figure out where he is and what he’s doing. He’s ignorant to one of the biggest problems plaguing our nation as he keeps the economy closed down.

Teenagers are suffering – now, more than ever.

Without any kind of mental health intervention, teenagers are ill-equipped to deal with the stress of the pandemic. As a result, self-harm is up. Overdosing and substance abuse are up, too.

Teenagers are dealing with not only an economic downfall and social isolation but also infection-related fears and bereavement. There have been enough deaths in the U.S. that many teenagers have known at least one person to die to COVID.

When a grandparent or a parent dies, it sends the teenager into a downward spiral of emotions that are heightened because of the COVID fears. Since many are not in school with access to mental health services, they have nowhere to turn.

FairHealth conducted a study using medical and insurance reports to look at the number of claims in place for teenagers between the ages of 13 and 18. The claims were nearly double for March and April of 2020 in comparison to 2019.

When you look at this information, you see that the claims were double at the start of the pandemic. Now, we’re a year in and masks are still being worn. Many schools are still virtual. People are still dying. The issues are continuing to skyrocket, yet the teenagers still haven’t gotten the help that they need.

Where is Biden throughout all of this? He’s sitting back to let Kamala Harris meet with foreign leaders. He’s sitting back and letting Congress push funding for a subway instead of providing the needed funds. And executive orders? He’s only signing those if they’re going to help illegal aliens get care.

Our Democratic president has completely abandoned the teenagers in our country.

Intentional self-harm claims have increased by over 90% since the previous year. This means that teenagers are hurting themselves just to get attention. They’re literally bleeding themselves to show that they’re in need of help – and still, Biden holes up in the Oval Office, ignorant to it all.

The study identifies one thing that pediatricians and mental health counselors have been saying for the past year: “Young people have proven especially vulnerable to mental health issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

It seems that everyone knows that there is a problem, yet not everyone wants to do anything about it.

The Democrats in Congress actually chosen to fund a subway in San Francisco rather than provide grants to mental health services for teenagers. They actually voted to give out $1.3 trillion in “aid” without thinking once about the teenagers.

Although the Republicans have tried to earmark money, the Democrats keep pulling it away. We need our president to care – yet, he, too, is in need of mental health services.

The longer Joe Biden keeps the high schools closed, the more the statistics will show that teenagers are struggling. The more money the Democrats spend on things other than mental health services, the longer the teenagers will continue to struggle.

Aren’t we supposed to care about the future? Aren’t we supposed to help teenagers when they are struggling? We cannot, as a country, sit idly by while they bleed themselves and while they drink themselves into oblivion. They’re hurting and they can be helped, but it takes our president caring about them to get the job done.

Joe Biden has proven that he’s not the caring individual that he promised he was. He promised to heal the nation, and he promised unity. The teenagers need to be healed. Now, Biden is nowhere around when they need the help the most.

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