Biden Makes International Headlines as Mental Deterioration Continues

Joe Biden continues to make a spectacle of himself to the American people through a press that loves to try and make him look like some kind of superhero. But they are not fooling any person with their fictitious stories or failed coverups. And now that Biden has finally stepped out of his Oval Office-shaped cave, he is even more vulnerable to scrutiny now that international eyes are pressing in on him.

Democrats avoid talking about Biden and his dementia at any cost. They even go so far as to write his speeches for him and tell the press what questions they can ask and which ones they should avoid—liberal censorship at its finest hour.

As much as they may try and control Biden’s image, nothing is stopping the rest of the world from formulating an opinion of the old man. And what is truly unique is that they can see his insanity without even having to turn on a liberal news channel.

Many international leaders and reporters are rightfully worried about Joe Biden. Paul Murray is one reporter in Australia who clearly points out that Biden is “cognitively impaired.” There is not Democrat around that can censor that kind of reporting. They just don’t have that kind of control to censor what the world thinks.

Murray rightly points out that Biden is worse than Obama ever was. He gets away with a lot of things that Obama could have only dreamed of being able to do. Biden carries his presidential pen and signs his name to an executive order that comes the way. And it may be that he never reads it because he cannot mentally understand what it means and what kind of ramifications it will have on people.

Biden’s reckless abuse of power even has Miranda Devine from the New York Post talking about Kamala Harris being in control instead of Biden.

Devine had the chance to speak with Biden and his staff and ask questions about what they were doing. It was revealed that their mission was to get Trump’s name erased from the landscape. It was discovered that Biden was against Trump’s use of detention centers. And yet the old man goes off and opens up one of his own.

According to Biden’s estranged wife, Biden and his staff have “humanely” put kids back into cages. The world is taking notice that more and more people are speaking for Biden. His wife interrupted the president to give details as to presidential matters that cross a line of authority that is not hers to take.

It is also noted that Biden is avoiding press conferences at all costs. The world is wondering what his plans are and how they affect them. But they sit in silence, waiting for the old man to speak. But as Devine points out, “he loses his train of thought.” He just “doesn’t seem to comprehend what he is reading.”

The world knows that Biden cannot understand what is happening around him. His team is careful not to put him in a position that would otherwise reveal how far he is gone. Some nations would love to get him in a room alone with them to sign off treaties since he has not the faintest clue what is going on around him.

The Australian reporters have picked up on the easy-to-read issues that Biden is having. And they are not the only ones noticing the insanity. Even Iran has started attacking people and places again. Deliberately terrorizing them because they know that Biden is out of touch with reality, and they can get away with just about any violation.

Joe Biden is a joke to the rest of the world. America’s enemies are no longer afraid to attack because they know that Biden will do nothing about it. They feared Donald Trump because they knew that he would retaliate and put an end to the evil they present to the American people. The Democrats do not have America’s safety and prosperity at heart. All they seek to do is cover for Biden and use him to push their selfish desires onto the rest of the world.

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