Amsterdam’s Famed Canal Street Windows Unintentionally Make Their Debut In S. Korea…Sort Of…Oops

A spanking new five-star property on the prestigious South Korean resort island of Jeju, The Grand Josun, made a huge error that caught the eye of everyone. Except for some of the unfortunate guests

The resort hotel was all but forced to issue a public apology when a Korean blogger pointed out that the blinds to the women’s sauna had been left half-open for a good portion of the day.

Since the sauna’s window just happens to face the street, passerby’s, of which there were many, were unexpectedly treated to a tantalizing display of beauty in its rawest form, while the stars of the show were none the wiser.

Here’s what management had to say. “We’re deeply sorry for causing any inconveniences to our customers in using some facilities at the women’s sauna at the Grand Josun Jeju Hill suite for missing mirror coating for some windows and [problems in] operating the blinds.”

So it wasn’t only the blinds. Oops. The statement went on to read, “The sauna’s operation has been suspended and we’re closely checking deficiencies and taking immediate action to correct them.” That’s probably a real good idea.

The hotel, scrambling for a sensible explanation, said how the window coatings make it impossible for anyone to see into the sauna during the day. However, it’s a different story when the sun goes down, hence, the reason for the blinds.

Now. Knowing how finding good help is a universal problem, the blind-closer-person failed in their responsibility. Their job description states that they are to come down and lower the blinds at the first sign of nightfall.

The blogger who spilled the beans was a guest at the hotel when all of this transpired and had witnessed the flesh parade firsthand. His blog quickly went viral.

He wrote, “I went on my honeymoon to Jeju Island and stayed at a suite room at a newly opened five-star hotel but my honeymoon turned out to be the worst memory of my life.” He said how much he and his new bride had enjoyed the facilities amenities, including the pool and sauna.

“On my last day I went for a walk but as I looked at the windows of the sauna I found out that I was able to see inside the sauna from outside. I could see the thermometer inside the sauna through the windows. We could see the inside of the showers and bathrooms from outside, from the hotel entrance, walk path, car park and from even hotel room balconies.”

“My wife and I were shocked to find this out. The thought that we might have used bathrooms and showers in front of many people gives me chills and we’re getting therapy treatment.”

Korea’s Yonhap News Agency reported that the hotel called the local police when startled guests began flooding the front desk with complaints. Because of this coinciding with South Korea’s celebrated Lunar New Year holiday, the hotel’s manager was out of town.

The police are viewing security camera footage to locate the unfortunate victims who were literally exposed. They are also trying to spot any creeps who may have been taking pics or shot videos from the outside.

Since the coronavirus pandemic has caused borders to be closed, all of the guests at the time were either South Korean nationals or transplants from other countries which will make it much easier to locate whoever needs to be contacted.

As for the future of The Grand Josun, they will surely lose their highly sought-after five-star rating, but first things first. Right now they have a need for a new blinds-puller-person.

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