Big Tech Talks About Trump Coming Back To Social Media

In a recent interview with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, CNBC asked whether former President Donald Trump should be allowed back on social media if he were a member of Facebook’s oversight board. The tech entrepreneur said Trump should “eventually” have his Twitter account re-activated, but predicted that Americans will lose interest in his opinions. Is he talking about the Democrat Party? They seem to be the only ones still talking about him.

“I think at some point he probably will be allowed back on and probably should be allowed back on. It’s weird when you’re, you know, saying that the election was stolen without any facts there. And how corrosive that is. But I’ll bet they’ll find a way to let him back on,” Gates said.

The billionaire even suggested if social media companies allowed Trump to return, they should slap any “false statements” he makes with a warning label. He said it would be interesting to see people’s interests go up or down in what he says.

Trump was banned from Facebook and Twitter and permanently banned from the Twitter platform after protesters stormed the U.S Capitol on Jan. 6. Big tech companies, along with Democrats, accused the former president of using his platform to “condone rather than condemn” than actions of his supporters. Facebook’s content oversight board is still reviewing whether Trump should stay banned on the platform or not, and is expected to rule the case by April.

Facebook’s head of global affairs, Nick Clegg, said he hoped the board upholds the decision Facebook previously made. “We believe our decision was necessary and right. Given its significance, we think it is important for the board to review it and reach an independent judgment on whether it should be upheld,” he wrote in a blog post.

The oversight board has received nearly 9,000 comments on Trump’s suspension, which is nearly a hundred times the submission for its five prior cases combined. Facebook spokesperson Dex Hunter-Torricke called it an “order of magnitude greater” and said the comments have come from all sorts of groups and individuals.

Trump previously warned reporters that the tech companies were being divisive and said it was “very, very bad for our country.” Other social media platforms, such as Parler, have fought back against Big Tech after being removed from Amazon and Google platforms. They announced their relaunch with independent technology that is designed to protect free speech for all Americans. “Parler, the world’s #1 free speech social media platform with over 20 million users, is announcing its official relaunch today, built on sustainable, independent technology and not reliant on so-called ‘Big Tech’ for its operations,” the announcement said.

The only people left still talking about Trump are Democrats and Big Tech. Wonder why?

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