Sen. Hawley Calls Impeachment Proceedings a “Kangaroo Trial”

Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Hawley called the Senate impeachment proceedings against former President Trump a “kangaroo trial” and said they had no basis in the Constitution. While he talked about condemning the criminals at the Capitol on Jan. 6, he said it doesn’t make the trial any more legitimate. He said his stance was not out of loyalty for Trump, but for the voters.

“The Republican Party — if it belongs to anybody — it belongs to the voters, the people who sent us here. That’s who I’m accountable to,” Sen. Hawley said.

In a recent interview with Fox News’ Harris Faulkner, Sen. Hawley talked about the unconstitutional trial being run by the Democrat Party and said that it does not permit them to do what they are trying to do.

He accused House impeachment managers, who were appointed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, of pursuing their own political vendettas to simply win a conviction. Democrats need at least 17 Republican Senators to join with the 50 Democratic senators in order to convict former President Trump. It seems unlikely as the majority of the GOP senators have come out against the trial.

If President Biden desires to be the bipartisan and unifying figure he claims to be, he would call on fellow Democrats House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to call off a highly partisan trial split 50-50 in the Senate and was unconstitutional to begin with.

The cancel culture even tried to go after Sen. Hawley after NBC News’ Garrett Haake tweeted the Missouri Senator “sitting up in the gallery with his feet up on the seat in front of him, reviewing paperwork” throughout the impeachment proceedings. Reporter Hugo Lowell even claimed, “not once has he paid attention to the impeachment trial.”

Sen. Hawley told CNN congressional correspondent Manu Raju that he can see the back of their heads when he sits upstairs and look right at them. He said it is a better viewpoint to watch the impeachment managers versus the chamber where he is just looking at the back of their head.

“I feel I had a little bit better view. Where I sit over in [the] Senate chamber is kind of in the corner. … I can also space out a little bit more and it’s just not quite as crowded,” Sen. Hawley explained.

While Sen. Hawley said the case is being laid out in a “very understandable, easy-to-follow manner,” he doesn’t believe it’s going to change any of the GOP senators minds. 
Democrats will find a way to completely ignore an unconstitutional trial but get mad over how a person sits in the Chamber.

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