Why Can’t Beto O’Rourke Take a Hint and GO AWAY?

Beto O’Rourke couldn’t make it through the presidential primaries. He ran out of money and supporters. He stood on top of tables in Massachusetts with a beer in his hand as he touted all of his big plans. It didn’t win him any outstanding points.

He was also the one that said that he’d come for our guns. This is a Texan, born and raised in El Paso, who said that he’d come for the guns owned by Americans. Clearly, most Texans weren’t big fans of O’Rourke after he said that.

Now, the former Representative has talked about running for governor of Texas.

He’s clearly power-hungry and hasn’t gotten the hint that he’s not wanted.

He lost the big in 2018 for Republican Ted Cruz’s Senate seat, too.

Governor Greg Abbott is planning on running for a third term. In Texas, there are no gubernatorial limits. He can choose to run for as long as the people still want him.

When it comes to governor approval ratings, Abbott sits fairly high on the list. In an average month before the pandemic, he was at 58% — considerably higher than governors in many other states. Since the pandemic, his rating has fallen to about 48% — though most other governors have seen a substantial hit, too.

Beto, however, thinks that he could be just what Texas needs.

He makes up his own facts when he says that Texas may have suffered more than any other state in the pandemic. He also says that the state is in the worst recession since the time of the Great Depression.

Texas is thriving and it’s because of the actions taken by Governor Abbott. Texas hasn’t been hit nearly as hard as New York or California. There are also a lot of major companies moving out of California. They’re setting up roots in Texas, a sure boost to the economy.

Abbott has also taken a hard stance against the liberals of DC, including pulling National Guard troops home since there was no need to keep them on Capitol Hill.

Beto talks about Texas being the hardest-hit state with El Paso being the hardest-hit city.

El Paso very well may be the hardest-hit city – at least in Texas. It’s arguably surviving better than cities like Los Angeles and New York City. However, El Paso isn’t dealing with lockdowns very well. They’re also trying to be a sanctuary city, even though Texas has an anti-sanctuary city law that prevents protecting illegal immigrants.

Beto O’Rourke may try to run for governor, but it will be another failed attempt to hold public office. The state is entirely too red to accept anything that Beto has to offer. No one wants his gun control. They certainly don’t want any of his other liberal ideas, either.

If Beto is so insistent on wanting to hold public office, perhaps he should lower his standards. If he thinks he can make an impact, he should try running for mayor of El Paso. Then, he can put his money where his mouth is. For a man who touts his love for El Paso so significantly, he needs to try doing something to improve the city. Reduce the number of illegal immigrants and watch the crime rates drop at the same time.

El Paso is like the blue-headed stepchild of Texas – and it’s no wonder that’s where Beto O’Rourke hails from.

Every time Beto talks about running for governor, he specifically talks about El Paso. That’s great – you’ve got big plans for El Paso. But, what about the rest of the state? Being a governor means caring about every city, not just your hometown.

This is why Beto needs to take the hint and go away. Greg Abbott is doing a fine job, and with his approval rating on the incline, most Texans are likely to support a third term. That is unless the unthinkable happens and Matthew McConaughey actually throws his Stetson into the ring.

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