What’s This About Biden Not Having Up to 50% of His Cognitive Abilities?

It’s been suggested no small number of times that newly-elected President Joe Biden is no longer at the top of his game and, in fact, in a severe decline of mental abilities. However, thanks to his ever-present staff and media support, his failings are hardly, if ever, seen.

But to someone who has been close to the man for many years, the signs would be undeniable.

Such a man is former White House stenographer Mike McCormick, who served at Biden’s side from 2011-2017.  As stenographer McCormick was tasked with writing a script for everything that was said and done by the then-vice president, from delivering speeches and interacting with the media to meeting with world leaders.

Few other people would have had this kind of near-intimate access to Biden’s mind at the time. In fact, McCormick became so ingrained in the former VP’s way of life, speech, etc., that he wrote a book on the man, titled “Joe Biden Unauthorized.”

In it, he recounts numerous stories and individual moments of Biden’s behind the scenes life.

And to him, the man that sits in the White House now is a different creature altogether.

No, he’s not referencing Biden’s apparent turn to the dark side or the political far-left, as some might presume. Instead, McCormick notes that the man sitting before us now is a mere shell of the man he used to be.

And McCormick is worried about where that will take America, and he should be.

So he’s speaking out.

Last week, the former stenographer appeared on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast to discuss the issue, which is what he estimates to be a near 50 percent decline in Biden’s cognitive abilities.

Now, clearly, McCormick is no doctor and, therefore, can’t diagnose Biden or presume to know precisely what he’s lost in recent years. But as a man who spent years recording Biden’s every move, he has to have a pretty good idea.

McCormick begins his explanation of this supposed decline by showing a clip from a speech Biden delivered on Tuesday morning, mere hours earlier. What is seen is clear. Biden is reading from a teleprompter and barely able to do that. Then he sits down at a desk, which has four executive orders waiting to be signed.

But when Biden goes to actually sign them, he can’t seem to get his pen out of his pocket. He fumbles with it for a while and then finally puts the pen back into another pocket. Eventually, the orders do get signed. And just as soon as they are, Biden gets up from his chair and walks out of the room, not saying a single word.

Understand, there are reporters in the room with him, shouting at questions as he walks out, and yet he completely ignores them.

This, McCormick says, is not the Joe Biden he remembers.

He tells Bannon, “It’s almost like he’s a Stepford President. He’s this robotic guy. He’s going through the motions.”

Furthermore, McCormick says that the speech, the way it was worded even, sounded more like something meant for Obama than Biden. “And Biden was just reading it. And basically, he’s like the ventriloquist’s dummy of the administration.”

McCormick says this is further proof that Biden isn’t all there anymore. The Biden he knew and loved before was very personable and made nearly everything into another way of “connect with audiences.” He was always telling personal stories, making jokes, and veering “off script.”

And yet, today, there’s nearly no sign of that at all.

“So to me, they’re really trying to restrict access to the press. They’re trying to make it seem like he’s not vulnerable.” But it wouldn’t take a genius to see that “he’s extremely vulnerable.”

McCormick has a similar conversation with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham.

They played a clip of a speech back in 2017. Biden isn’t using a teleprompter, he’s making jokes and seems strong and in command.

But clips of nearly all of his more recent campaign speeches can’t boast the same.

McCormick told The Washington Free Beacon’s Alana Goodman, “(I)t’s not Joe Biden anymore.”

He might be president, but it’s clear now that it’s only in name. Someone who can’t even figure out how to get a pen out of his pocket has no business making nearly any decisions, let alone the ones this job requires.

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