Sen. Hawley Shows You Who The Dems Are Protecting

Erin Hawley, wife of U.S Sen. Josh Hawley, just filed a criminal complaint against protest organizer Patrick Young who allowed his “anti-fascist” group to organize itself outside the couple’s Virginia home last month. The group, Shutdown DC, was charged with illegal protesting and accused of vandalizing the residence and threatening family members after Sen. Hawley said last month he would challenge the Electoral College Results.

Videos showed protesters loudly shouting “stand up, fight back!” and “come out, come out!” as well as trying to pound open the door of the Hawley home. Three people even walked up to the door, saying they planned to leave a copy of the Constitution or some signs there. Others used a bullhorn during the gathering and wrote messages like “Trump lost” on the sidewalk in chalk.

Erin and their newborn daughter were home while Hawley and the two sons were in Missouri. At one point, Erin Hawley even opened the door and said “we’ve got neighbors and a baby, thank you,” but protesters had refused to leave.

The Vienna Police Department showed up and informed the protesters that they needed to disperse and demonstrate outside private residences. However, the protesters continued demonstrating for 10 more minutes and began violating noise ordinances. Young was charged with one misdemeanor count of illegally demonstrating and in violation of Virginia Code 18.2-419, a Class 3 misdemeanor for picketing or disrupting the tranquility of home.

“We are not aware of any summons issued related to our candlelight vigil at Senator Hawley’s house. Police on the scene did not believe a crime was committed. That was confirmed by the Vienna Police department in media reports days later,” ShutdownDC said in a statement about the summons for Young.

Sen Hawley, however, tweeted out that his family had been targeted with numerous threats in recent weeks and that they are all being investigated by law enforcement. Anyone is allowed to file a criminal complaint in Virginia, especially when people are protesting loudly in front of private homes.

“Tonight while I was in Missouri, Antifa scumbags came to our place in DC and threatened my wife and newborn daughter, who can’t travel. They screamed threats, vandalized, and tried to pound open our door. Let me be clear: My family & I will not be intimidated by left-wing violence,” Sen. Hawley wrote.

Hawley’s communications director, Kelli Ford, also said that the attacks from the media and radical left have also made Josh’s family the subject of numerous threats on their lives. He said they are being monitored by authorities, but that the family remains terrorized and have hired private security to return in the early mornings and during the night.

Democrats think it’s okay to terrorize and intimidate others as long as it aligns with their views. They even went so far as to call Hawley’s criminal complaint “slanderous.” The left thinks you shouldn’t be allowed to protect your families but will keep thousands of National Guard troops outside their offices at the Capitol the day after a riot. Who are they protecting in this country?

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