Sen. Cruz Blasts Kerry For Being An Out-Of-Touch Centimillionaire

After President Biden canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline permit, a massive number of jobs were abruptly cut for blue-collar workers. U.S special presidential climate envoy John Kerry appeared in the White House briefing room to talk about Biden’s $2 trillion energy plan and insisted that energy workers had been fed a false narrative.

“They’ve been fed the notion that somehow dealing with climate is coming at their expense. No, it’s not. What’s happening to them is happening because of other market forces already taking place. Coal plants have been closing over the last 20 years. So what President Biden wants to do is make sure those folks have better choices, that they have alternatives, and they can be the people who go to work to make the solar panels,” Kerry said.

While serving in the Senate and married to an heir of the Heinz ketchup fortune, Kerry was the wealthiest senator with estimates of the couple’s net worth range from around $165 million to as high as $3.2 billion. But sure, take away someone’s job and just tell them to consider a more appropriate job in areas that will be helpful to the future. It’s hard to figure how Kerry’s private jets do anything to contribute to a future green economy, but the Democrats have never had to explain anything they claim.

Sen. Ted Cruz blasted Kerry on ‘Fox News Primetime” for the degrading comments and said it was not the unified message and job we should be doing in fighting for working men and women in this country. He warned Americans to prepare for massive personal tax increases and even more job losses.

“What an arrogant, out-of-touch statement for a centimillionaire to say. You know, ‘You little people, you know, I don’t like the choices you’re making, and so your jobs go away,’ as John Kerry said right there. Quelle surprise that the Democratic elites have decided that blue-collar workers, that union members, that men and women with calluses on their hands, they’ve made the wrong choices, in John Kerry’s words,” Sen. Cruz shot back.

Sen. Cruz told host Maria Bartiromo that he asked multiple Biden nominees what they would say to union workers who just lost their jobs because Joe Biden decided they didn’t deserve a job. “And essentially nominee after nominee after a nominee has said, ‘well, tough luck,” Cruz added.

It takes decades to harness solar and other renewable energies to the scale equivalent of what fossil fuels can produce. The carbon footprint to produce an electric car is nearly identical to a gas car at the moment. While America needs a diversity of independent power sources, this is a total power grab by the Democrats to strip jobs, build a bigger government, and force everyone to depend on the system. It should’ve never been prioritized in the first place.

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