Piers Morgan Rips Gender-Inclusive Policies For Changing “Breastfeeding” to “Chestfeeding”

In a newly implemented gender-inclusive language policy, the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust have instructed their midwives to replace some of the terms and words they’ve been using.

Midwives will now have to say “chestfeeding” instead of “breastfeeding” and replacing the term “mother” with “mother or birthing parent,” as part of a move to be more “trans-friendly.” They have also changed the name of the maternity services department, which will now be known as “perinatal services.” Staff have also been instructed to even replace the use of the word “woman” with “woman or person,” “co-parent,” or “second biological parent,” depending on the circumstances.

UK talk-show host Piers Morgan ripped the Brighton Hospitals for its political correctness in trying to attempt language changes. “I want transgender people to have respect and dignity and equality. I don’t think you get there by telling midwives to stop using the term ‘breastfeeding’ because it may upset a few people when 99% of the people in there are breastfeeding. It’s nonsense, and this kind of PC-cop nonsense with the language … it has the opposite effect to what you think it does. It annoys people … it doesn’t bring you any inclusivity. It becomes exclusive; it alienates people,” he said.

He went on reading a Twitter user’s post that said “I’m transgender myself and Morgan is 100 percent correct. This isn’t what the majority of trans people ask for, and it hinders our rights, not helps us.”

Others talked about the absurdity of the changes such as “breastfeeding” to “chestfeeding,” since the breast is on the chest and both woman and man can develop breast cancer. It’s also called breastfeeding because women have breasts that feed babies. It’s not that difficult to understand, nor is it a science to argue with. The left has officially lost it.

Morgan previously appeared on conservative pundit Ben Shapiro’s Sunday sit-down where he discussed the snowflake culture and the victimhood culture that is making everyone offended by everything. He ripped liberals for becoming so “utterly pathetically illiberal” that he asked what’s the point of even calling yourself a liberal if you don’t allow anyone else to have a different view.

“The liberals get what they want, which is a humorless void where nothing happens, where no one dare do anything or laugh about anything or behave in any way that doesn’t suit their rigid way of leading a life. No thanks,” Morgan said.

People are fed up with the PC culture and snowflakery. They’re fed up with people being offended by everything. They’re gravitating toward forceful personalities who go ‘This is all nonsense’ and when is it enough?

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