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Checkmate? US Removes Missiles From the Philippines As China’s Xi Plays JFK to Biden’s Khrushchev

Friday night, President Joe Biden sat for an extended interview with ABC Washington correspondent and former Clinton White House muppet George Stephanopoulos. This interview was the first Biden has conducted since his humiliating performance in Thursday’s debate with former president Donald Trump. It was also the first interview Biden gave in 2024 and only the 23rd interview Biden gave during his presidency—the last was in November. It came as a critical time for Biden as his dementia has become so pronounced that even the media and other Democrats have begun to notice. 

Nothing in the interview did anything to tamp down rumors and news stories about his general unfitness to serve now, much less run for another full term. If anything, any doubt you may have had about the stories was quickly dispelled.


Desperation: ABC Moves Up Crucial Biden Interview in Hail Mary Effort to Stem Debate Fallout

What Is at Stake for Joe Biden Today?

There was some scary stuff in the interview. This is a sample captured by my colleague Bonchie (see WATCH: Joe Biden’s Big Interview With George Stephanopoulos Is Out, and It’s an Absolute).

For the record, I’d like to remind everyone that far from being the guy who “shut Putin down,” Joe Biden was the guy who played a weaker and more timorous Neville Chamberlain in Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. From my post titled Kyiv Is ‘Stunned’ That Biden Appears to Greenlight ‘Minor Incursion’ Into Ukraine:

Perhaps the most demented response Biden gave was regarding the current strategic situation with China: [emphasis added] 

My personal belief is that China will not allow Biden to make any moves in the Pacific that aren’t pre-approved by China. Given Hunter’s frequent visits to China, there is an infinite amount of compromising material on him. Given Hunter’s predilection for drugs and women, there is no telling how many unacknowledged grandchildren Biden has in China, but you can bet the Chinese intelligence services can provide proof of conception…assuming they had reached puberty.

So, let’s look at how well the “checkmating” is going.

Not only is our ally, the Philippines, having its ships mauled by the Chinese and getting pushed out of territory that international treaties recognize as belonging to the Philippines, but we are also getting orders from Beijing about the deployment of U.S. forces on Philippine territory.

At issue was the Typhon missile system, which would be critical in any conflict with China or anyone else in the Pacific.

Well, China says “no,” Hoss, and they are calling the shots with Joey SoftServe in the White House.

The climax of the Cuban Missile Crisis was summed up in Secretary of State Dean Rusk’s quip, “We’re eyeball to eyeball, and I think the other fellow just blinked.” In this case, we didn’t get eyeball to eyeball because Joe Biden did a kowtow based on a glare.

Even though the deployment of this missile system was intended to be “temporary,” temporary was never defined. Pulling the missile out as China is grousing about it is a bad look as China is doing nothing to “reduce tensions” in the South China Sea because it looks, smells, and tastes like surrender.

Just as Biden’s half-hearted efforts to roll back Russian aggression in Ukraine haven’t gone unnoticed by our allies and adversaries, neither has Biden’s reluctance to confront Chinese adventurism and provocations in the Pacific. Instead of standing firm, Biden has let China dictate to the US what kind of military equipment we can station on the territory of a willing ally.

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