Dem Rep. Goldman on CNN: Trump ‘Intimidated Your Network,’ Was Given Free Reign to Lie

Representative Dan Goldman (D-NY) said Friday on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” that former President Donald Trump “intimidated” CNN debate moderators Jake Tapper and Dana Bash.

Goldman said, “It was a bad night. There was a poor performance but one night does not make a campaign and it does not erase three-and-a-half years of stellar leadership that has brought our country back to the forefront on a global stage, has protected democracy around the world and he here at home and has benefited the vast majority of Americans, lower-class, middle-class Americans, through some historic, historic legislation and when you compare what you saw from Joe Biden last night to what you saw from Donald Trump, you realize that this is a choice ultimately, in November of someone who is a decent, honest man of integrity, who has served his country his entire life against a felon, who is an inveterate liar and only cares about himself.”

He added, “I think Joe Biden had an off tonight it was a poor performance. There’s no question about it and no one is saying anything different. But let’s have another debate. let’s see what happens on a different night. Let’s see whether Donald Trump continues to lie over and over to deny his role in January 6 too. Proudly say that he increased the deficit more than any other president by reducing taxes on the super wealthy he is blatantly mischaracterizing the disaster that was his presidency and that got a lot of attention and didn’t get a lot of pushback. But let’s have another debate where actually the moderators will push back on Donald Trump’s lies. He intimidated your network unfortunately, and there was no push back. He was given free reign to just lie as much as he wants and that’s not helpful to the American public either.”

Cooper said, “Yeah, I don’t know about the intimidation part.”

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  1. Someone should tell Goldman it wasn’t Trump who was being fact checked all night it was the liar in chief who told lie after lie. Of course being there is no such thing as a smart or truthful democrat one could see why Goldman didn’t have a leg to stand on.

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