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The Wild New Biden Tall Tale That Made Trump Almost Fall Off the Stage With Laughter During the Debate

President Joe Biden told a lot of whoppers during Thursday evening’s debate, and he was a complete mess. 

By contrast, former President Donald Trump was on his game, cool, collected, and dropping facts. It wasn’t just that Biden did bad, it was that Trump did great. 

But there was one moment when Trump lost it and almost fell off the stage in laughter at something Biden said because it was so wild. Trump was talking about his golf game in response to being asked about his health for the future. He said he had won two club championships at his club. 

That prompted Biden to create yet another fanciful origin story. 

Biden claimed he got his handicap down to a six when he was vice president. He tried to challenge Trump to carry his own bag, and Trump destroyed him, saying that claim about his handicap was the “biggest lie.” 

Then Biden was so befuddled he started backpedaling and fact-checking himself, now saying he was an eight handicap. 

Trump laughed at that, too, saying, “I’ve seen your swing, I know your swing.” Shades of John Kennedy, you are no John Kennedy. 

Finally, Trump had to tell Biden, “Let’s not act like children.” 

But that didn’t stop Biden from acting like a child, even as he claimed that it was Trump who was a “child.” 

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People, particularly those who know golf, laughed at Biden’s claim since that’s like a professional golfer handicap. 

Biden could barely walk down two steps after the debate last night, and that was only with Jill’s help. So he’s completely bonkers with that claim. 

But that’s how shameless he is. Even he backed off his own nonsense and said eight, not believing himself. 

Biden’s got a handicap, alright, but it’s not a six. It’s his incoherence and fantasyland-formulating brain. And that handicap caused him to just implode. 


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  1. What was Biden doing at the Camp David Retirement home for a full week? Whatever it was, it did him no good and just wore Biden completely out! They could not juice him up until the next day! He needs 24/7 care as the clown show in the Whitehouse continues. Pray for our country.

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