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Barrack Obama Has Anxiety Over Biden Reelection, Holds Meetings With Joe on How to Win

Will miracles never cease? I just found out that former President Barack Obama has anxiety about the election in 2024, and I’m stunned. 

The former community organizer from the formerly great city of Chicago rose from a humble state senator in Illinois to United States Senator before running for the Democratic nomination in 2008. He knocked off Hillary Clinton for the honor to run for president and beat John McCain. And, he has anxiety about the upcoming election.

In a way, he is like the vast majority of the American people who share some sort of anxiety about the results of this November. However, I have a sneaking suspicion it is for different reasons.

If Obama was being serious and 100 percent honest, his anxiety would be that he’s looked into Joe Biden’s eyes and seen a vacant stare back that would terrify anybody who cares about a fellow human being. However, seeing as Obama has been a president of the United States, he knows better than most that his former Vice President is not capable of doing the job and completing this race.

That should be terrifying to him.

And, yet, this is what the 44th President of the United States is worried about.

President Biden and ex-President Barack Obama have met privately on several occasions to discuss how the close confidants can save their legacy from former President Trump in 2024, according to a new report.
A Monday story from New York Magazine, titled “What Obama is Whispering to Biden,” provides detailed information about the “secret” meals shared by the two presidents and how they can salvage the 2024 election amid concerning indicators.
One of Obama’s friends told the outlet that while “his anxiety about the election is real,” the former president’s concerns fall in line with the opinions of other top Democrats.

The anxiety about the election is real? Things that are understated for $600 Alex.

I know that the article above is trying to portray this as purely a policy issue. That if Donald Trump gets back into the White House he’s going to dismantle everything that Obama for 8 years and Joe for four has done. Yet I think that is an overestimation and I’m stating that because Donald Trump is not nearly the jerk the press has portrayed him.

Has he done some stuff that many people would find detestable? Absolutely. 

Yet, in his first term, he did not go after Hillary Clinton and the Clinton campaign even when it became crystal clear to him that the Russia hoax of him getting assistance from that foreign country to get elected in 2016 was pointing directly at Hillary and her crew with their fingerprints all over it.

The reason why he did not is simple to me, he is a former businessman and he had hobnobbed with the Clintons and he thought they were decent people. Trump wrongly assumed that they liked him.

They didn’t.

Any one of Trump’s rabid supporters would have literally burned Hillary and her team at the stake, particularly in the way they got Congress to go after him with the impeachments. And while I’m sure that ticked Trump off, I bet he still thinks deep down that Hillary likes him.

So Republicans in Congress will be pressed by some Democrats to lobby a reinstalled Trump (if he wins), and will try to stop some badly needed reforms. Trump, not being a hardened ideologue will probably give those ideas more play than someone who has been through what he’s been put through should.

So if Obama’s anxiety is that Trump and his team will go after Joe Biden and Obama himself, they need not worry. Will Trump through executive orders and possibly depending on the makeup of the Congress be able to get some legislation passed that would roll back Obama and Biden era policies?


Yet realistically, if Trump does get reelected, everyone in DC knows that he only has 4 years and every trick in the book will be used to drag out the time that he is at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Democrats will then nominate someone in 2028 who is not essentially a walking vegetable as it appears Joe Biden is.

So Obama should not have any anxiety about that. 

In fact, the former president should have no anxiety about anything. He’s become incredibly wealthy since he left office in January of 2017, has an oceanside home in the Hamptons, and is enjoying his time as a retired public official watching the oceans rise due to some sort of mythical global climate event.

If he wanted to feel the anxiety of everyday Americans he should go back to his old haunt in Chicago and talk to the people on the street about how they have felt about Bidenomics over the past three and a half years. The only thing that Barack Obama should have any anxiety about once again is the fact that he’s had secret meetings and knows firsthand what kind of state of mind or lack thereof Joe Biden is currently in.

That Obama is trying to get him reelected in that state of mind is the only thing that he should have any anxiety about.

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