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More Tips on What Biden May Do in Debate, As His Walk to Marine One Raises Questions

Joe Biden has now holed up in Camp David for a week with reportedly nothing on his schedule, hunkering down and preparing for the debate in a week. That says something about him and how worried his team is about him, given that they think he needs that long to prepare for a debate. 

CBS tipped that they’ve been told to “expect surprises” from Biden, apparently suggesting we would see surprises in “content” and “physical performance.” But they’re not supposed to know the “content” (unless they got the questions). But I think it’s going to be that Biden is going to be very aggressive. 


CBS Teases ‘Surprises’ From Joe Biden for the Debate

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The AP now has a report saying that he’s going to call former President Donald Trump a “convicted felon.” They’re likely hoping they can trigger Trump. 

But an angry Joe Biden tends to look crazy and unhinged, as we’ve seen, and all Trump has to do is turn that back on him, since Americans already believe it’s political and then steer it back to his failures and how Biden is hurting Americans with what he has done. 

Democratic strategist Jim Messina tried to play down expectations. 

But while some Democrats project confidence, Biden’s allies also say he has spent much of the last two weeks traveling — in Europe and on the West Coast — limiting his ability to prepare. Others note incumbent presidents typically struggle in the season’s opening general election debate. 
Messina made both points even as he sought to play up the political stakes for Trump. He suggested Trump was taking an unnecessary political risk by debating Biden, given Trump’s early advantage in many polls.

They may be able to juice Biden up but is he going to be able to maintain it without notes and a teleprompter for 90 minutes, even if he got the questions ahead of time? Of course, as I’ve said, if he shows up, the media is going to declare him the winner. 

But that wouldn’t shut off questions about his issues as just the walk from Air Force One to Marine One proved. Just walking that distance was a troubling view. I’m not sure what was going on with his gait here, it looks like it’s getting worse, like it’s uneven, and a little side-to-side at one point. So that went a little viral as well. 

Is that the change CBS is tipping us to — that he’s getting worse? Probably not since what they were suggesting sounded like it’s supposed to be positive. But I don’t think that’s going to help very much. It prompted even more people to speak about Biden’s deterioration and talk about elder abuse. 

Bottom line? No matter how much they juice him up to prepare him, he’s still the guy we see every day and he still has all the failures he can’t deny. That’s what Trump needs to keep hitting on — how much Biden has hurt us in every way that matters. 


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