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Hey, It’s Worked So Far! Kamala Harris to Mark 2nd Anniversary of Dobbs With More Fearmongering

June 24th marks the second anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs ruling, which overturned Roe v. Wade, and Vice President Kamala Harris is scheduled to deliver fearmongering speeches in Arizona and Maryland to mark the occasion.

According to Axios:

The Biden campaign is using the fall of Roe to again accuse former President Trump of wanting to impose a national abortion ban, as it looks to make reproductive rights a major topic in the June 27 CNN debate.

Of course, Donald Trump is in no way desirous of imposing a national abortion ban, but Democrats will do anything to distract from Joe Biden’s daily brain/body freeze episodes, a terrible economy, and rising violent crime rates (especially those committed by criminal illegal aliens). And, abortion can only be “a major topic” in the June 27 debate if Joe Biden can actually utter a complete sentence – or, if the CNN moderators take over for Biden, which nobody would be surprised by.

Trump’s answers to questions about abortion have been good during this campaign. At a town hall in Iowa ahead of the 2024 caucus, Trump was empathetic toward women experiencing unplanned pregnancies while taking credit for appointing the justices who made the Dobbs ruling possible – and while correctly pointing out that the “radicals” are the people who want to rip babies out of wombs at eight months or nine months’ gestation.

Part of what Trump said:

This [issue] has been tearing our country apart for 50 years… We’re not the radicals. They’re the radicals, because they’re willing to kill the baby at eight months, nine months, or even after birth.

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During a Capitol Hill meeting with congressional Republicans on June 13, Trump reportedly advised members on how to address the issue when campaigning:

In addition to asserting that GOP lawmakers and candidates need to talk about abortion “correctly,” Trump argued the issue should be left to the states and stressed support for exceptions, according to multiple members in attendance.
The former president told his congressional allies that abortion has “cost” the GOP politically, but that it is “too important to ignore.”
He argued that Democrats are the “radicals” on the issue and “support abortion so far along that nobody supports that,” calling Republicans the “party of common sense.”
Between the lines: Trump’s position is largely in-line with where the Republican establishment and campaign apparatus are – urging Republicans to stress state-level solutions that include reasonable exceptions.

Democrats: the party of people who want to kill babies in the womb at any stage of development, and who fully support importing rapists and murderers to kill American children once they’re out of the womb.

Bring it on.

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